Facts And Information About Plato

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As stated by Dicaearchus, Plato was a well-known wrestler at the Isthmian games where he performed exceptionally.
Plato And Pythagoras
Aristotle, a student of Plato, claimed the works of Plato followed closely the doctrines of the Pythagoreans.R.M. Hare points out these three concepts to prove the influence Pythagoras had on Plato The Spartans established oligarchy in Athens but were soon overthrown and democracy restored. It is this period that Plato considered venturing into politics but the execution of Socrates in 399 B.C. made him reconsider and concentrated in studying philosophy.

After Socrates
Founding The Academy In 385 B.C. Plato established a school of learning; the Academy in Athens. This was one of the first institutions to offer higher learning in the Western part of Europe. Plato presided over the Academy until his demise and it continued to operate untill 529 B.C. when it was closed by the Roman Emperor Justinian I.

Final Years
Plato spent his final years in the Academy and died around 348 B.C. when he was in his early 80s. Some Scholars suggest he died peacefully in his sleep while others believe he died at a wedding feast.

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