Facts And Information About J.K.Rowling

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K. Rowling, a name that ignites a sparkle in the eyes of every reader from a child to a teenager as well as an adult. Her imagination and expression has won the hearts of all around the world and all readers wait eagerly for her to present something new and exciting to her readers.

Fact 1 J. K. Rowling’s Early Life

Rowling was born in Yate, Gloucestershire, England, on the 31st of July, 1965. Her father was an aircraft engineer at Rolls-Royce and mother was Anne Rowling who was a science technician. Her sister Dianna was 23 months younger to her. Rowling went to St. Michael’s Primary School. She graduated from the University of Exeter in French and Classics in 1986. Then she worked as a bilingual secretary and researcher for Amnesty International. Her work entitled “What was the name of the nymph again?” and others were published in the journal “Pegasus” that was a University of Exeter’s publication.

Fact 2 Her Personal Life

The early years of her life was not a happy one for her mother was very ill and since then they have a strained relationship with their father. When still a child, she wrote fantasy stories and read them to her sister. The character of Hermione Granger is in a way Rowling herself that she created at the early age of eleven years. The headmaster in Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore was inspired by Rowling’s headmaster, Alfred Dunn of St. Michael’s School. When she worked as an English language teacher in Porto, Portugal, she married Jorge Arantes in 1992. Jessica was their child who was born in 1993. But things did not work out well and they separated in 1993. After that she moved to Scotland to her sister. She had already started writing her Harry Potter classic.

Fact 3 Her Talent

Rowling was perhaps deprived of happiness both during her childhood days as well as her married life till then. But the effects of the various aspects of life was the source of inspiration and creation of the marvelous books that have won the hearts of all alike. She wrote Harry Potter when she was in the greatest of difficulties fighting alone with her tiny child. However, after settling at Edinburgh, she started working harder on her stories and the first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/ Sorcerer’s Stone was published in Britain in 1997. Since then, her fate took a different path and she did not have to look back anymore. A series of 7 books about Harry Potter were published. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets were at the stores in July 1998, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in December 1999, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in July 2000, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 2003, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in 2005 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007. She won various awards and respected for creating a new interest among the youngsters in reading. Presently, she lives with her second husband Dr. Neil Murray whom she married in 2001 and three children in England. Her books have been filmed that have created a history in the film industry.

Fact 4 Rowling’s Other Works

Rowling is at work with her pen and paper and so we get works like The Tales of the Beetle and the Bard, consisting of five fables, The Casual Vacancy, mystery novel Cuckoo Calling and others. Rowling co-founded a Charitable Trust and denoted all royalties of the Tales of Beetle and the Bard. She is on a venture with Warner Bros in a new film series about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. A short story “Pottermore” was published in 2014 on her website.

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