Facts and Information About Eminem

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Eminem is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and lyricist (songwriter). Selling more than 172 million albums, he is by far the bestselling rapper artist. He also holds the Guinness Book World Record for being the fastest selling hip-hop artist. Highly acclaimed, the rapper is symbolized as the “Rap God” among his fans.

Early Life

  • Marshall, the only child of Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr., and Deborah Rae Nelson was born on October 17, 1972, in St. Joseph, Missouri, S. He is of English, German, Scottish, and Swiss ancestry. He was nicknamed “Mickey” because of his big ears when he was a baby.
  • He began rapping when he was fourteen. He sneaked into Osborn High School nearby with rapper friend Proof for lunchroom “freestyle rap battles.”
  • Eminem dropped out of school at age 17 after failing the ninth grade three times. From an early age, English was his favorite subject, though he was more inclined toward comics.
  • His fascination with storytelling was so deep that he wanted to be a comic-book artist before discovering his first rap song, “Reckless,” featuring Ice-T, at age nine on the Breakin’

Early Career

  • Eminem debuted with Infinite in 1996. But he had to wait for his first Grammy-award-winner album, The Slim Shady LP (1999), to pave his way to success.
  • He turned out to be the first artist to win the Grammy Award for three consecutive LPs, The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) and The Eminem Show (2002) being the next two.
  • Encore (2004) was another critical and commercial success. He bagged 15 Grammy awards after winning for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013).
  • He is the first rapper to win an Academy Award (“Lose Yourself”).
  • Apart from music albums, his other ventures include Shady Records and his own channel, “Shade 45,” on Sirius XM Radio.
  • As an actor, he debuted doing cameos in many films such as The Wash (2001), Funny People (2009), The Interview (2014), and the television series Entourage. Eminem debuted as a lead actor with 2002’s hip hop film, 8 Mile.
  • Eminem articulated the character of an old, fraudulent, Ebonics-speaking police officer in the video game, namely 50 Cent: Bulletproof.

Contemporary Era

  • Since June, 2014, Eminem has promoted his latest album, a Shady Records compilation called Shady XV, in which he did a seven-minute freestyle. The album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 chart, with first-week sales of 138,000 copies in the United States.
  • He is the executive producer of the soundtrack on the sports drama Southpaw, with Shady Records. “Phenomenal” (2015) was the first single from the soundtrack. Another single, “Kings Never Die,” by Eminem and featuring Gwen Stefani, was released on July 10, 2015, on YouTube via Eminem’s Vevo account.

Random Facts on “M&M”

  • He is a Spiderman fan.
  • He was accustomed to spending hours at night going through a dictionary in order to develop his vocabulary for his rhymes.
  • The “Slim Shady” character was thought of by him in the toilet.
  • The only book he has read is LL Cool J’s I Make My Own Rules.
  • He brought down the shock value on The Eminem Show to prove that he could sell records without it.
  • The hook of “Just Lose It” was written by him in just 30 seconds.
  • He has seen the Rocky movies, Shooter, and Boogie Nights around 150 times.
  • The Beastie Boys were his source of inspiration for his rapping career.
  • He wrote “Lose Yourself” in one take while on the set of 8 Mile, which ultimately got him the Oscar award.
  • According to his mother, he used to carry around a small model of his childhood home.

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