Meaning Of White Roses

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In the words of Arthur Conan Doyle, “What a lovely thing a rose is!” And it would be hard to come by anyone who disagrees. Rose is not only considered a lovely thing but also plays a very important role in all things that signify love. Whether it is a first date or a romantic dinner, whether it is a christening or a wedding, whether it is a first welcome or a last good bye – one thing that would make it all complete, in every sense, is a rose!

And then, you don’t need to be an expert to know that different colors of roses signify different meanings. And among these white and red roses are the most popular in their usage and in their significance!

Common Understanding:

It would come as no surprise that white roses are used to signify innocence and purity. These are two aspects that are generally associated with all things white! And this common understanding extends to white roses too. So that very much explains why most brides walk in with white roses, down the aisle, to meet their groom and proclaim their enduring love.

Uncommon Notions:

But did you know that white roses are also meant to signify young and innocent love. One reason they are considered a part of all traditional weddings is to signify the innocence and youthfulness of the virgin bride-to-be.

They also signify hope – “hope” that the marriage bond lives beyond time and their love lasts beyond the grave! Talking about grave, this would give you some idea why these same roses make their appearance in funerals and memorials. White roses signify a respect and love that goes beyond earthly and transforms into the ethereal world!! It is an indicator of spiritual love, respect, and reverence.

Religious Significance:

White roses go beyond love and marriage; they have their own significance in religion and politics as well! In Christianity, white roses are often linked with the Virgin Mary; this probably also clarifies the term Mystical Rose of Heaven by which Mother Mary is often proclaimed.

Thus, white roses are an imperial presence in all churches and grottos that proclaim Mary as the Universal Mother of Christians. It is used to represent her purity, love, and joy; to proclaim her glory; and to represent her as the guiding light of all Christians.

Political Preference:

Not many would be aware that white roses have their own historical significance in politics as well! In this arena, white roses were used to symbolize secrecy, trust, and loyalty.

Students of British History would be familiar with the words “The War of the Roses”. Well, for those who are unaware of this strange-sounding war, white rose was the official symbol of the supporters of the House of York. And this war occurred in the 15th century during the reign of King Henry VII.

White roses were considered an integral part of all medieval gardens. One because of their significance associated with the Virgin Mary; two, they were used to create beautiful combinations and arrangements along with red roses; and finally, speaking amongst white rose bushes was considered a sign of confidential conversations. And that explains how white roses came to signify trust and secrecy!

Mythical Mysteries:

All things romantic have their mythical and legendary backgrounds; and a flower with so much significance is sure to have one!! White roses are associated with the very Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite – more popularly known as Venus! Legends claim that all roses were white until the day Aphrodite pricked her hands in its thorns. Her blood is believed to have turned the white roses into red ones!!

A Rose is a Rose:

Whatever the political, religious, mythical, or historical background of these envious and enchanting flowers; today, white roses are an integral part of everything that signifies everlasting love. And if you decide to make it a part of your date or marriage, be aware that it is a symbol of your assurance of true, untarnished, and untainted love!

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