The Meaning of Snakes in a Dream

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Snakes are not the kind of things you want to see in your dreams; yet snakes are one of the most common animals in dreams. Even psychics admit that snakes are complicated symbols, for they could have both positive and negative meanings.

Snakes As Symbols Then and Now

The appearance of snakes in your dreams can be interpreted if you have your own past personal experiences with snakes and your view about this creature. Snakes are almost always symbols representing evil. In Genesis of the Bible, the snake was used to represent Satan in the Garden of Paradise that caused the fall of Adam and Eve. Floyd Mayweather called Oscar De La Hoya a snake, for he had always been disloyal to his peers. The idiom ‘œsnake in the grass’ means a treacherous person. ‘œSnake pit’ is a description of a scene where people have vicious behavior, or in business, it means ruthless competition.

Sexual Symbol of Snakes in Your Dreams

For Sigmund Freud, the snake is basically a phallic symbol representing the penis and sexual drive. The Freudian interpretation of a snake dream stressed your sexual relationship and the male figures in your life. It shows how you experience your own manhood in dealing with your relationship with men or your male energy if you are a woman.

Common Meanings of Snake Dreams

The most common meanings associated with snakes in dreams are given below:

  • A snake symbolizes your unconscious;
  • Snakes or serpents are indications that you are in the process of healing and on your way to resolving issues;
  • A snake could stand for an untamed part of yourself or resources that have not been tapped;
  • Snakes can represent your intuition or the spiritual aspects of yourself;
  • A snake is a symbol of your instinctual drive, what mobilizes you from the depths of your soul; and
  • Snakes or serpents are likely to appear in your dreams during times of transition and transformation.

General Meaning of a Snake Dream

You will likely dream of snakes when you are dealing with a difficult situation or are in the midst of turbulent emotions during your waking life. The bad news is that you found it hard to deal with negative situations. The good news is that dreaming of snakes means that you are healing and transformation is taking place.

As an animal spirit or totem, snake dreams bring guidance and direction in your life aside from healing opportunities.

Culture plays an important role in snake dreams, as well as their interpretations. Here are positive and negative meanings of snake dreams:


  1. A snake refers to transformation:

The ability of snakes to shed their skins is a sign of transformation. If you wake up with a positive feeling, then the snake dream represents growth, knowledge, positive changes, self-renewal, and wisdom.

  1. A snake refers to healing:

In some cultures, the snake is a healing symbol. Poisonous snakes hold the antidote for their own venom. In the medical profession, the caduceus features two snakes that indicate recovery or protection from some illness.

  1. A snake refers to creativity:

The snake points to your creativity and potential. You can make yourself something better.


  1. A snake refers to your fears:

The image of a snake is fearsome. They are unpredictable and can strike at any time without warning. A snake in your dream represents something in your life that is unpredictable and out of your control. You are afraid of the unknown.

  1. A snake means hidden threats:

As snakes are hard to see slithering in bushes, they are like a hidden threat and/or a betrayal in your life. They are lying waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a move.

  1. A snake refers to sexual temptation:

According to Freudian psychoanalysis, snakes are phallic symbols and stand for temptation, repressed thoughts, raw sexual energy, or forbidden sexuality.

  1. A snake refers to a callous person:

The snake in your dream can be a person around you who is callous, evil, and ruthless. Your dream is telling you not to trust her or him.



Snakes are like every other dream’”part of your past experiences. Their appearance could either be positive or negative, depending on your feelings toward the snake. Sometimes past bad experiences with snakes result in negative feelings. A psychic can help you gain a more meaningful analysis of your dream. But wait, a dream of snakes might be a sign that you are afraid of revealing your true feelings toward someone. You might be missing the most romantic part of your life!

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