Meaning Of Christmas Tree

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While the Christmas tree, in itself, was meant to be a symbol of hope; every element that became an integral part of the Christmas tree also had its own significance. For instance, the predecessor of our glittering lights – the candles were believed to brighten up the homes so that no evil spirit would dare enter. In early days, people believed winter to be the time of spirits as it was dark, damp, and cold – an environment conducive for the thriving of spirits!!

Similarly, the candle was also used to symbolize the true spirit of Christ. Jesus is believed to have given hope and life by sacrificing himself – the candle burned itself to give light and warmth to people! Christmas was also the time of sharing and giving and it was this basic thought that developed into the habit of giving gifts during Christmas. Hanging gifts for family members on the Christmas tree became a custom that soon spread far and wide!

Religious Symbolism:

According to religious beliefs, the significance of the Christmas tree goes beyond the obvious. In the Bible, Jesus has often been referred to as the “Righteous Branch” and the “Branch of the Lord”. The Cross of Jesus, which signifies his ultimate sacrifice for saving his people, is also made from a tree. These are considered as some of the other reasons that enhance the prominence of a Christmas tree. It is considered a symbol of the ultimate sacrifice and the eternal life that has been gained through this sacrifice.

Some faithful also believe in greater meanings of the Christmas tree, starting from its very features and shape. The ever green leaves represent the eternal life and the triangular shape represents the Holy Trinity.

A Symbol of Hope and Life:

While the Christmas tree has gained a lot of prominence and meaning over the centuries, it has always been a symbol of hope and love among all the people; and it will continue to be so. And irrespective of what it means as a social or religious symbol, every person will have their own sweet memories of the Christmas tree, its lights, the gifts, the love, and the laughter – a symbol of the love and laughter that brings a family together, at least once in a year!!

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