Meaning Of Candy Cane

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Candies are one of the favorite delicacies of kids. Not only children, teenagers and adults too love to the lick the candy sticks. They are available in a variety of colors and designs in almost all countries of the world. However, the Candy Cane about which we are going to discuss has a distinct meaning and has a unique story behind it.

Fact 1 What Is A Candy Cane

A candy cane is a sweet stick with a bent bottom. The cane juice is processed, flavors and colors are added, and then the shape of a stick is given to the liquid and lastly cooled to form the candy stick.

Fact 2 Description

The candy cane looks like the letter J. But if you hold it upside down, it looks like a shepherd’s walking stick or a crook. They used this stick to mind their sheep so that they did not go astray and eaten by wild animals. The cane candy is mostly white in color with red stripes. It is related to Christmas from a very long time. It is used to decorate homes, trees during Christmas celebrations. It is one of the popular Christmas treats.

Fact 3 The Story About Candy Cane

People believe that many years ago, there was a candy man. He wanted to make candies, which was the most favorite treats of Christians that would portray the true meaning of Christmas and the sacrifice of Jesus. The religious meaning of candy cane is more visible in the shape and color of the cane candy. The shape of the candy represents the letter J that stands for Jesus. The other shape represents the shepherd’s crook meaning that Jesus is the Good Shepherd who takes care of His children and protects them from harm. The hardness or rigidity of the candy is compared to the solid foundation of the Church.

Fact 4 Other Explanations Of The Candy Cane

The candy looks like the letter J that reminds all about Jesus and that Christmas is the time to celebrate His birthday.

In the Bible, the Lord Jesus is addressed as “My Shepherd” meaning He guides us, keeps us away from sins, and protects us from all evils just as shepherds look after their lambs and sheep.

Fact 5 Color Of The Candy Cane

The cane candy is mostly of white color that symbolizes purity. White color stands for truth and purity always and so this color has been used. However, nowadays you will get other colors also like yellow and red and the shapes are different too. The intention of making the candies white is to remind humans that Jesus was as pure as a spotless Lamb of God.

The three red stripes symbolize the pains and the blood that Jesus shed for us. Before Jesus was crucified, He was whipped continuously as He carried His own cross through the roads. Blood poured down His face and body and this is represented by the red stripes on the cane candy. All who believe in Jesus accept these facts and explanations as true and meaningful. They use the original cane candy during Christmas.

However, many people think that a candy cane is a simple decorative item, does not mean anything as such, and is a candy that kids enjoy.

Fact 6 History

Historical evidences show that around 1670, the choirmaster in Cologne, Germany wanted the children to keep silent during the Christmas Eve celebrations and so he asked a candy man to make some sweet sticks that would look like the crook of a shepherd. The children would be engaged in having the sticks and at the same time, the shape would remind them about the shepherds who visited infant Jesus.

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