Is Religion Necessary?

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The world today lies at the brink of chaos. It is facing so many problems from the smallest breakdown within the family to international violence that might culminate in war using the most sophisticated arms that might cause the extinction of men. Religion is like the light giving hope in what seems like a lost world.

Religion is universal

Do you know that more than 7 billion people practice some kind of religion? Of course, it does not involve the same practice as it is shown in the most diverse manner. But it exists ranging from colossal churches worldwide to the dubious local sects and mysterious spiritual traditions. There is no exact figure as to the number of religion being practiced.

Theories why religion exists

There are manifold theories why there is religion. One theorist explained that, as men advanced from being an insignificant hunter-gatherer band into enormous agricultural cultures, they needed to encourage invigorating teamwork and accepting among them and relative strangers. Religion then, together with the existence of a pontificating God was became their cultural alteration to face these challenges.

Reasons why mankind needs religion

  1. Man is a social animal. Man, to survive, needs others and it is essential that society requires laws for peaceful co-existence: to avert injustice and protect the rights of society’s members. The right authority to create fair laws is impossible from a monarch or a dictator because instinctively, he will consider first of all, his own interest. Authority cannot be given to an aristocracy or democracy for any one of them is capable of committing mistakes in judgment; and a number of incorrect decisions are not equal to a correct decision.
  2. Based on the nature of man, he alone or as a group will never disengage itself/themselves from self-interest. An instance during the pioneer days showed that the assemblies and councils of colonies were making laws for the benefit of the White rulers. Today, the same institutions composed of a group of elected leaders are enacting laws for the interest of the local population; however, self-interest was, and continues to be the key word of laws in the whole world.
  3. No man or group of men is capable of creating an all-inclusive law based on perfect equality and justice. Only a being that is superior to man can make laws where he has nothing to gain or lose and considers every man as equal.
  4. All laws and customs of men are imperfect: for instance, no law can stop a crime. This defect makes legal measures useless. A burglar gets inside an empty house to do his thing. There is no law from government to stop him from committing the crime. No government is able to stop a burglar from stealing but Religion can.

Laws can control only external human affairs due to severe penalties but only at a place and time that authority can reach. But believing in God and religion not only control the external acts but it includes what is inside the heart and mind.

(e) If God is set aside, imagine the turmoil and chaos and turmoil mankind will plunge himself. It will be the extinction of society. In this condition, every person is free to do whatever he wants. By acknowledging that there is no God, no everlasting life and his existence is just by chance, he knows that his life on earth is brief. So he will desire to enjoy everything in life that brings temporary happiness.

What about an atheist?

As atheist may lead a life which is morally as perfect as that of a follower of religion, so no need for religion. It is a fallacy to consider the moral life of an atheist is possible without religion. He has moral thoughts of right and wrong already has been ingrained the human mind since he was created. These thoughts were bestowed from father to son (as heredity) and from friend to friend, (from the environment). These values are inseparable from his conscience.

No morality without religion

Using logic, you will come to the conclusion that without religion, no morality can hold is ground. Religion is the cornerstone of living a moral life; distinguishing right from wrong!

Have you ever wonder where you come from? Why you are here? Who are you? Where are you going? How do you treat others? How do I make choices?

Conclusion: Religion helps to answer so many of these questions and helps us form an identity. Yes, Religion is 100% necessary.

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