Ten Reasons to Be Glad That You Are a Highly Sensitive Person

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Please check out the value boxes below and tell me in which box you would put sensitivity. Is it a desirable value or an undesirable value? Is it burdensome to be sensitive? If yes, is it better to be insensitive? Then where is the demarcation between sensitive and highly sensitive?

regularity hypocrisy
open-heartedness selfishness
cheerfulness mercenary
helpfulness callousness
compassion contempt

How can we identify highly sensitive people?

Susanne, 28, complains about the highly sensitive nature of her son John, a junior KG student. She finds it terribly difficult to manage John. To her, John is very shy and feels overwhelmed by the environment around him. He is more sensitive to sound, excitement, stress, and even people. Even a Christmas celebration at school makes him so unbearably anxious that he ends up in tears. To worsen the situation, he is constantly teased by his friends for being a coward.

Yes, John’s character is typical of a sensitive person. A sensitive person will be greatly emotional. Even a small deviation from his routine causes him worry. He is always worried about the successful working of his plans. He fails to adapt himself to unfamiliar environments. He is socially inhibited. He is usually the most conscientious employee. He prefers quieter, less chaotic environments. He takes things personally. He is very detail oriented and, hence, takes a lot of time to make a decision.

All people have a shadow; and once this is eased, they make excellent people.

Highly sensitive people are concerned and compassionate.

When confronted with the suffering of others, they feel motivated to relieve the suffering. The plight of their fellow beings worries them.

They are perfectionists.

They strive for flawlessness and set excessively high performance standards. They are hypercritical of mistakes. Though their perfectionism is a reason for worry, it enables them to perform well and to the best of their potential.

They value relationships.

Friends for them are a precious few; and for them, no relationship could be taken for granted. Consequently, they never fall apart in a relationship. They show total commitment in relationships, and their priorities are always fixed.

They are open-hearted and frank.

They disclose thoughts and intentions clearly. They are never stubborn; and they have the ability to listen and, in certain cases, accept the opinions of others. They are open and sincere in expression, and their actions clearly manifest their beliefs.

They are more reliable and trustworthy.

They can be relied on; hence, they make good business partners. They make good life partners as well. They are authentic and consistent with their performance.

They can love others unconditionally.

They are selfless and are always ready to help others. In spite of the feeling of insecurity and lack of confidence, they are good at guiding others and are often good at speaking in a philosophical and spiritual manner. This makes them a favorite of their friends.

They enjoy bounties of nature better than anyone else.

They love solitude, and this makes them happy to be in the lap of nature. Their creativity is at its best when they are alone, and they work their best when in solitude.

They can be self-pondering.

They are good at introspection. They are able to find out their own mistakes, and they are always successful at improving themselves.

They can be easily motivated.

They trust others and are never proud. This makes them accept the words of others, and they often seek help from those they trust. As a result, boosting their morale is easy.

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