Finding Joy in Discipline

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It is hardly surprising that the word discipline transports me down to that village school where I did my elementary education. Confirming the trend that the little village school was a convent, the nuns there, clad in white, transferred information and transformed personalities. Though it was never a congenial surrounding for the nine-year-old child I was, looking back from this point in my life, I feel that the school, that temple of knowledge, was the place where the “real” me got shaped, thanks to the discipline the school upheld. Stepping into my classroom there would be my teacher declaring that day’s peculiarity. If Monday was “water-sacrifice day,” Tuesday would be “talking-sacrifice day.” Though the whole business was not very appealing for me, there wasn’t any way out. At the present time when I display splendid tolerance and patience, I acknowledge my gratitude to that teacher who nurtured these feelings in me through her peculiar ways of discipline.

Discipline is a way of living. It is doing the right thing at the right time in the right way and not doing anything wrong. Many condemn discipline as a way of enforcing things upon them against their wishes, which makes it irksome and irritating for them. In that case, discipline is never going to give you a happy experience. When discipline gets integrated into your personality, it becomes a pleasant affair. Self-discipline is the best discipline.

A strict discipline makes our lives systematic and orderly. When we are to meet too many demands and reciprocate too many obligations, life becomes far more complicated than we expected it to be. In such situations, a strict discipline enables an individual to keep the pace of life manageable.

A well-disciplined person remains far more focused than one without discipline. Only a focused mind can achieve success in life. If focused, one would strive for success in a better, more prepared way. Life can be a failure if one spends the wonderful days in the ebb and flow of existence just as it occurs.

Each person is unique and if one doesn’t have a sound individuality, one simply ends up one among many. The essential aspect for everyone is one’s own attitudes and preferences, which in turn frames one’s individuality. An undisciplined person is sure to waver when making decisions since the person hasn’t encompassed his or her perspectives. This is detrimental to one’s mental well-being.

Whether a dreaded criminal or a sought-after visionary, the striking difference between the two is one and only one thing; and that is their outlook of life. This outlook is undoubtedly built upon the foundation of their discipline. If discipline could take one to great heights and lack of discipline could doom the other to ditches, the easiest formula for a successful life would be upholding a sound discipline. So take pride that you follow a strict discipline.

Discipline fostered by great personalities like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi is so profound that it has taken the dimensions of a philosophy itself. Their greatness was built upon the inexplicable thought process that was the outcome of their deep ponderings and revelations. They should take the place of heroes and icons so the present generation could imbibe a great many lessons from them.

Discipline gives meaning to our lives. Each day is a blessing that is sent by the omnipotent. As humans, we need to snatch it and take it to great heights in all possible ways. You may ask, “How?” It is definitely by catering to the demands that life puts upon us. We often find ourselves “down in the dumps” when we have to meet the requirements of everyday life. We need to find out the way in which things would work out the best. It is taken for granted that preferences will vary from person to person, and this happens because each believes in his or her own discipline, though never indignant to the mainstream discipline. Optimum success is ensured if you advocate for a decent discipline.

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