Difference Between Fate And Free Will

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There have been discussions and debates regarding the meanings of the two words “fate” and “free will” for many centuries and which one is responsible for carving out the path of life. Great sociologists and psychologists have been a part of such discussions because they pertain to life, society and awareness.

Fact 1 What Is Fate

Human beings are thoughtful creatures with the ability to reason. Yet we all speak about our inability to control what happens in our lives. Hence we all believe in fate or in other words, our destiny. What has been designed by our Creator will happen in spite of our utmost hard work to evade various incidents especially mishaps and untoward happenings that give us pain and sorrow. We say that our fate is pre-destined by God and no one has the power to change it especially birth and death. This is known as fate.

Fact 2 What Is Free Will

Free will is reflected in our actions, our ability to do what we want. Humans are rational animals and their sense of judgement gives them the ability to select what is right and wrong. We are in control over our thoughts and actions. This is the idea of free will. We do what we want to. No body controls us our guides us. It is the willingness of a person to do something without the interference or opinion of others is termed as free will. This surely affects our lives and most of the outcomes of our life depends on such free will.

Fact 3 Difference Between Fate And Free Will

Both the concepts are related to life and thoughts of human beings. But there are certain differences between the two that we experience with the passing time.

  1. According to Psychology, man is born with a fate. But he can exhibit free will as he grows up and can reason for himself.
  2. Humans rely on fate at the beginning of his life. In the middle stages of life, when one earns and can take care of himself and family he exercises his free will to take decisions pertaining to his family and also self.
  3. Free will steers the course of life of a man and it is thought that fate depends on it largely. If you lead a good life and make righteous decisions your fate is sure to be sound and happy – this is the idea we all have in our minds.
  4. Some thinkers explain the difference in another way. According to them, fate is what will surely happen like it is fate that we will meet an individual and we surely meet him. But whether we will converse with him or not is our free will. If we do not like to talk to him, we are free to move away from him.
  5. Fate implies that we will receive a message from the Lord and our free will guides us whether to accept the message or not.
  6. We often hear people speaking about the good deeds done in the past for which you are being rewarded in this life. This is your fate. It is the result of the past deeds. Hence good work done under the guidance of free will yield good results. But some strongly believe that fate is beyond human control. It is God who is the writer of fate of an individual and it is your discretion whether you will accept it or not.
  7. Free will is controllable. What you wish to do is your choice. But fate is the wish of God. One cannot do anything against it. Free will helps to realize the eternal truth that God is the creator and controller of fate.

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