Fashion Tips for Women

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Being glamorous and fashionable is not the exclusive domain of the rich and the famous. A little bit of ingenuity, a bit of creativity, a touch of daring and all the busy housewives and working women will transform into fashionable, exciting ladies.

Here are some simple ideas on assembling and maintaining a wardrobe that is ready for anything.

The Basic Wardrobe:

Neutrals: The pants, shirts, skirts, blouses, tops, bottoms etc. should be mainly in neutral colours.

White Button down Shirts: It is always good to have one or two of these as they add glamour to a simple pair of jeans or a skirt.

The Little Black Dress:
The indispensable article of clothing is fondly called the LBD. Touched up with suitable accessories the LBD makes heads turn. So if you don’t have one head straight to the malls.

Jeans: Useful as daytime or party wear, the current fit is a hugging fit. Buy jeans that air on the smaller rather than larger side. They inevitably stretch. A minimum of 2% Lycra Spandex needs to be mixed with cotton for a snug fit. An ideal mix for both comfort and looks is 95% cotton and 5% Lycra Spandex. So check the label before you buy.

The Leopard Print:
Every fashionable wardrobe must have at least one item in this print that has endured over the decades.


Jackets: Bright, dressy, formal, informal, bold, conservative, ethnic, modern, stack up your wardrobe with jackets. A bright jacket over your neutrals or a dressy jacket over the LBD, a formal jacket over jeans, there are endless combinations that can transform the ordinary into the extra ordinary.

Shoes and bags: Bright and daring shoe bag combinations are great. Usually shoes and bags are within the same colour range, but having them in complementary colours works really well, if the colours are chosen with good taste. Dress bags can be worn diagonally with a chain strap to keep the hands free.

Scarves: Whenever you see a scarf that you like, pick it up. Scarves transform a simple T Shirt. Used creatively they can brighten up any outfit.

Belts: Broad belts not only accentuate your womanly curves, they rein in the unseemly bumps. Decorative, embroidered belts in leather or cloth, beaded belts and chain belts can be used on under stated outfits.

Sheers: Keep a variety of tinted, coloured and natural sheers.

The choice of bangles, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings is complexly yours. Make your fashion statement with your choice of jewellery. Use just one striking ornament on a stunning dress, to complement rather than overpower it, use strings of necklaces, bangles from wrist to elbow do as you please, but always appraise the overall effect before stepping out. The mirror doesn’t lie. If it doesn’t look right – take it off!


Think before you buy: Make a list of things you need or would like to have in your wardrobe. This makes it easy buy confidently when you come across these items.

Trials: Go prepared if you are shopping for a very especial dress. Take along the underclothing, shoes and jewellery, you plan to wear. Carry your hair brush too. If buying whites check the transparency. Check trouser length carefully. A well fitted trouser brushes the tops of the shoes and hangs about half an inch from the floor. Don’t forget to check your image from all angles especially the rear view.

An Extra or Two: If there is something in a readymade store that suits your figure perfectly, don’t hesitate to buy more than one.

Selecting your Outfit

Show or not to Show:
The best policy is to bare only one part of the body. Keep the rest covered to retain the feminine mystery. If the shoulders are bare cover the rest.

Loose and tight: For best effect combine a loose lower with a tight upper garment and vice versa.

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