Most Expensive Thing in the World

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People like buying expensive items because it makes them happier and also satisfies their materialistic behavior. It is completely a myth in today’s world that you can be happy without money. Money is an important medium that helps people make their buying decisions based on their quantity of money. Rich people always look for expensive things because they want to flaunt their wealth, and they believe that owning expensive things replicates their fortune.

On earth, valuable things are always tagged as expensive.

Let’s divide things into tangible and intangible categories.


Sometimes tangible things gained value due to their scarcity and sometimes due to the criminal risk related to their buying and selling. It is also true that the worth of expensive things changes with time.

Among different tangible things available in the world, a few of the most expensive things are listed below.

  • Gold: Gold is recognized as a symbol of wealth and prosperity although its value fluctuates. It is still one of the most expensive things found on earth.
  • Rhodium: This is a silver-white material found in South Africa. This metal is durable, hard, and heat resistant. It is also known as “white gold.” This is also an expensive metal to buy.
  • Platinum: This is another silver-white metal and is similar to rhodium and gold, but it is more flexible than gold and rhodium.
  • Diamonds: These are things that are always related to beauty and value. They are expensive because they are found deep under the earth and are rare.

The above-mentioned things refer to a few of the expensive tangible things found on the earth. Other than these things, there are many others that are expensive. A few are mentioned below.

  • Shoes – Harry Winston Ruby Slippers
  • Jeans – Damien Hirst Spin Jeans
  • Burger – Le Burger Extravagant
  • Pen – Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen
  • Mascara – H. Couture Beauty’s Socialite Collection
  • Watch – Haute Joaillerie from Chopard
  • Building – One World Trade Center
  • Car – 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

This can be a never-ending list because value lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Buying expensive things is the road where only the rich can travel, and in this world, American-made goods are very expensive. Americans like to buy their own goods because they believe that they are superior or higher in quality.

Apart from the items mentioned above, a few more things that are expensive and are made in America are household items, shoes, jewelry, denim, cars, furniture, and appliances.


Away from these materialistic things, the most expensive intangible thing in this world is Trust. It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose. But trust is important when you believe that earning trust is a valuable quality, and losing it is not what you want to do. Trust is one expensive thing that is not available for sale, and one should not expect to get it easily.

Then another expensive thing is Time. It is always possible to get another house, job, car, phone, or any other possession; but it is impossible to get more time—so time is best put on the list of expensive intangible items. It is always important to understand ways to manage time. This is the only thing that is truly equally distributed between rich and poor. Rich people cannot buy more hours in a day.

The deadly combination of time and trust make life the most expensive item. It is important to blend time and trust to reach your goals in life.

That is, adding trust and time into your life makes your life expensive for others to ruin.

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