Difference between Pokémon pearl and diamond

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Improvements in technology and awareness of computer literacy are the main factors for the mushrooming of indoor computer games. Children the world over have taken a special liking for these Pokémon games. In fact, children have become a sort of obsessive with their Pokémon. Pokémon is an interesting character with their powers and variations. This is the secret of the success of the Massively Multiplayer, Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) titles.

People use the same software for these games. However, the individual characters have unique traits and powers. Pokémon is a household name in practically every part of the world. There are many Pokémon franchisees in the world. There are different types of Pokémon as well. Two of the most important types of Pokémon are the Pearl and Diamond.

There are some basic differences between a Pearl and a Diamond in the Pokémon world. A diamond is rarer than a pearl. There are many basic Pokémon in each category. You will find Diagla on the front cover of the Diamond whereas you will find Palkia on the front cover of the Pearl Pokémon.

People attach more importance to the Diamond Pokémon. This is because in real life too, diamond is more precious than a pearl. It is in great demand and hence it is harder to find a diamond Pokémon as compared to a pearl Pokémon.

Boys usually love the Diamond Pokémon more than the pearl Pokémon, whereas it is the opposite in case of girls. This is because the pearl Pokémon are pink in color. Pink is a girlish color and hence boys do not usually like pink. Diamond comes in darker shades of blue. The difference in colors is just in the background.

Both the Pokémon are usually the same and the difference is only in the box art.

Diamond was launched before the Pearland hence it has a greater fan following.

In a pearl Pokémon, you cannot snatch the Stunky and Murkrow. In Diamond, you cannot catch hold of the Glamelow and Misdreavus.


Both Pokémon are more or less similar. The only difference is in their colors. Pearl is a pink Pokémon whereas diamond is a blue Pokémon.

Pearl is a recently created Pokémon as compared to the diamond.

A diamond is a rarer Pokémon as compared to the pearl

Boys love the diamond version whereas girls prefer the pearl Pokémon.

In some pearl Pokémon games you cannot get a diamond and in some diamond Pokémon games you cannot get a pearl.

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