Difference Between House And Techno

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House and techno are both genres of electronic dance music. Even though they are often used interchangeably, these two terms each refer to a different thing. Here are some of the ways in which house and techno are different from one another.

Regional origin
House and techno originated from different places. House music originated in Chi-cago around late 1970s and early 1980s. Techno music on the other hand is closely associated with the Detroit area of the United States and is believed to have started in mid 1980s.

It is said that house music originated from a night club in Chicago known as Ware-house. The DJ there used to make repetitive mixes of disco loops and these soon be-came popular with the patrons of the night club and other people who came to know about it. The song On and On by Chicago DJ Jesse Saunders has been credit-ed as the first house record to be produced.

Musical origin
House is considered a disco type of music while techno is considered a post-disco type of music. Also, house music has soulful sounds and was inspired by boogie, synthpop, dub, funk, jazz and electro. Techno music on its part was inspired by in-dustrial and electronic body music alongside synthpop, funk, and electro.

The instruments which accompany house music include synthesizers, samplers, se-quencers, drum machines, turntables, and personal computers.

Techno music is also accompanied by instruments like drum machines, synthesizer, sampler, personal computers and sequencer. It however does not include the use of turntables unlike house music. In addition to the other instruments, keyboards are also used to make techno music.

In musical terms, tempo refers to the speed of music. Tempo is usually described in terms of the number of beats per minute. House and techno have different tempos. House has a tempo which ranges between 118 and 135 beats per minute. Techno however has a tempo of 130-150 beats per minute.

House music first of all features a kick drum on every beat. It is characterised by 4/4 repetitive beats, hi-hat symbols which are off-beat, and synthesized baselines.

Unlike house music that features a kick drum on every beat, techno music features a bass drum on each beat. It also features a backbeat that is played by a snare or a clap on the second and fourth beats. On top of the two properties, techno also fea-tures an open hi-hat on every second 8th note. Techno also has 4/4 repetitive beats like house does.

In terms of musical feel, house music is very melodic while techno music is very percussive.

Derivative forms
Variations of house music include music types like electroclash, eurobeat, and breakbelt hardcore. Techno music on the other hand has variants such as eurofunk, eurodance, and techstep.

Popular artists who have sung techno music include David Guerta, Swedish House Mafia, Afrojack, Kaskade, Daft Punk, and Eric Prydz.

Coming to techno, popular techno artists include Chris Lieling, Jeff Mills, Daniel Bell, LFO, Regis, Juan Atkins, Adam X, Ken Ishii, Joey Beltran, and Blake Baxter. In the 80s and 90s, techno music was mostly popular in Europe. The passing of time has seen techno music spread to other parts of the world. Techno is nowadays mostly popular in the South American country of Brazil and in Eastern Europe.

House and techno have been confused over the years, many people have not known how to differentiate them given that they are both electronic dance type of music. This however needs not be, house and techno can be differentiated through their disctinct beats.

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