Difference Between Emo And Scene

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Emo and scene are two styles which are often confused with each other because of certain similarities they share but they are actually different. Emo is short for emo-tive hardcore type of music while scene is a fashion trend. Emo was originally a subgenre of punk-rock and post-hardcore music with emotionally charged lyrics. Scene in full stands for scenester. Here are the differences between emo and scene.

Emo is associated with music genres such as punk rock, post-hardcore, indie rock, hardcore punk, alternative, and pop punk. Popular bands or artists associated with emo are Hawthorne Heights, The Movielife, Such Gold, American Football, Mid-town, Small Brown Bike, Finch, Embrace, and Alkaline Trio among many others.

Scene on the other hand is not really music but scene kids are known to love music genres such as electronica, techno, pop, rave, crunk, electropop, and crunkcore. Scenesters love bands such as Dot Dot Curve, Brokencyde, and Jeffrey Star among others.

In general, the kind of music loved by the emo is the soft kind of music while that which is preferred by the scenes is the hardcore type.

In terms of character, emo kids may be happy one minute then depressed the next minute. They are very emotional. Emo kids are also known to be sensitive and can easily get hurt. They may also sometimes cut themselves as they are touchy.

Unlike emo kids who are emotional and prone to depression, scene kids are cheerful and colorful. Scene kids also do not get easily hurt, they are tough and can stand up to the people who attack them. Scenesters are also enthusiastic and random and lovers of attention.

Clothes and accessories
Emo and scene kids dress differently. Emo kids like wearing skinny jeans and band shirts. They pair their clothes with accessories such as white or studded belts, thick-rimmed glasses, and Chuck Taylor all-star shoes. Emo kids also like mouth pierc-ings.

Scene girls love wearing make up. Scene kids generally wear hoodies, neon shirts with designs or slogans, neon drainpipe jeans, and baseball caps. They also wear sunglasses and have piercings.

Emo boys keep their hair long while emo girls have short hair. Their hair color is usually either blonde or black with random colors in hair. Emo kids also have side fringes.

Scenesters on their part usually keep big and puffy hair. They have lots of straight hair with a fringe. Scene girls have hair extensions which are short at the top and are backcombed.

Philosophy of life
Emo people think of life as something that is painful. They are sad and gloomy. Scenes on the other hand think of life as something good and are lively and vibrant.

Scene kids are not good at keeping friends. Their friendships may form and end within a week’s time. Emo kids on the other hand are good at maintaining friend-ships. Emos are loved by their friends.

Emo began in 1985 in Washington DC and Maryland. It began with bands like Rites of Spring, Embrace, and Moss Icon who were signed to punk label Dischord Rec-ords.

Scene however began in the mid to late 2000s. It had originally been used to refer to a Chav subculture that existed in the UK in the late 1990s. In the mid to late 2000s, scene was used to describe people who had straight and crazy hair with fringes, wore baseball caps, had tattoos, and wore shirts with slogans among other charac-teristics that describe scene people.

Emo kids prefer dark and black colors while scene kids love bright colors.

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