Difference Between Emo And Metal

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Among the various genres of music Emo and Metal were quite common from the early 1980s. They are both a kind of rock music with differences in the ways they are presented by the bands. There is rhythm, music and expressions that appeal to all music enthusiasts.

Fact 1 What Is Emo

Emo or emotional music owes its origin from rock music. The themes of this genre of music is more sentimental and has a personal touch. It expresses the sadness and discontentment of the people in the society and so the numbers are emotional. It is for this reason this genre is known as Emo or emotional.

Fact 2 What Is Metal

Metal or Heavy Metal is a genre of music that portrays a style that is intense, powerful and virtuosic. The characteristic of this music is the aggressive sounds of distorted electric guitar. It is the most commercial kind of rock music that has gained immense popularity around the globe.

Fact 3 Difference Between Emo And Metal

Emo and Metal both fall under the broad genre of Rock music. Use of electric guitars and drums are common in both of them. But there are many differences between the two types of music. They are:

  1. Emo offers sentimental numbers in a touching manner though nowadays loud vocals are heard which are known as “screamo”. Metals are however considered to be more creative and artistic in style and rendition. There is great variety in Metal music.
  2. Metal music is extremely complex and the breath-taking solos or riffs attract modern listeners a great deal unlike Emo musical numbers that are softer and heart-touching.
  3. Although electric guitars and drums are the main instruments used in Emo, the numbers are not as loud as metal. The highly amplified distorted guitar solos, emphatic beats and the loudness of the entire creation are the characteristics of this genre. The sounds are massive and thick. The rhythm in Metal songs unlike Emo songs is more deliberate and emphatic.
  4. There are such differences in the appearance of Emo bands and Metal bands that even a novice can distinguish them easily. The Emo band is often dressed in black to portray their hardcore nature. They wear pink eyeshadows, and are fond of jewelry, beads and multiple piercings. Black dyed hair with red or white streaks is common among Emo performers. Their hair often falls across their faces to cover half portion. Metal performers maintain long and colored hair, use lipstick and make-up, eyeliner, jewelry and headbands. They wear silver chains and do not prefer the golden color.
  5. Their attire are also different. Skin tight pants are the basic pants of Emo bands. The trousers of Metal singers are often gorgeous. They wear leopard-skin printed shirts and vests and trip pants or jeans. Denim and leather or spandex pants are also their favorites.

Metal music is bold and outright whereas Emo music always suffers from personal and emotional conflicts. Since both the music genres originated from Rock music they use the typical instruments like electric guitars, drums and sometimes acoustic guitar as well to create music. The difference lies in their aesthetic approach. There is a difference in the presentation and style of execution. Although they dress differently and the loudness of their music is different the motivation of both the genres is the same. Both Emo and Metal musicians wish to form a band and be a part of a group of people. They want to make friends and live together and share the same thoughts and preferences.

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