Difference Between Angels And Demons

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The difference between angels and demons can be seen in terms of evil and good. Demons are considered to be the fallen angels who followed Satan in the rebellion that took place in heaven. The angels on the other hand are those that remained loyal and their works are good. The works of the demons are considered evil in nature.

Angels are believed to be messengers of God (Quartz Hill School of Theology) and are believed to communicate God’s message to human beings. Demons on the other hand are messengers, but messengers of evil. In most of the cases we find demons oppressing people while angels come to the rescue of people. In many instances in the bible, we find Jesus Christ delivering people who were demon possessed (Mark5 KJV2000). These people were rendered useless by the fact that they were demon possessed. We have instances where angels come to the rescue of man, for instance, in the bible, Daniel, one of the characters in the bible is believed to have been praying but the answers to his prayers were held by forces in heavenly places. Angel Michael comes to his rescue and brings him the answer to his prayers (Daniel10:12-14 KJV2000).

Demons and angels are both spiritual beings in that they do not physical bodies as humans do. There are some who believe that demons are not just those angels who fell during the rebellion in heaven and hence acquired a sinful nature. They believe that even human beings can acquire the nature of demons after they die. Their spirits continue to perpetuate evil just like demons are believed to perpetuate evil. Angels work however is not evil but they communicate God’s message to people. The word angel is in fact interpreted to mean a messenger (Quartz Hill School of Theology).

It can however be argued that demons are still messengers, only of a different master. But do their states of being messengers qualify to be angels? The answer to this question can only be derived from who are they messengers of? Demons are believed to be messengers of Satan who was once an angel himself, but he decided to rebel against God and was thrown out of heaven (See Ezekiel28 and Isaiah14 KJV2000, passages that believed to talk about the fall of Satan). In this sense, it can be argued that angels are messengers of God communicating God’s message to humans while demons are agents of evil and their message can be said to be that of destruction and evil.

Quartz Hill School of Theology views the origin of demons and angels as being a result of choices. In this regard, the so called fallen angels who are interpreted to be demons made the choice to do evil through rebellion while on the other hand the angels made the decision to remain true messengers of God with good intentions. As for their existence, both angels and demons are God’s creation only that they made different choices and therefore acquired different roles based on their choices.

Therefore, in discussing the difference between angels and demons, it is important to consider their role in the lives of human beings. The angels bring to the human beings the message about what God wants delivered to them so that they may act on it. Demons on the other hand bring a message of destruction and evil trying to mislead human beings from God’s intended path. It should however be noted that man cannot entirely put the blame on the destruction and evil on earth on demons. He has choices to make and he is the source of the evil that comes upon him most of the times based on the choices he makes.

To conclude, no concrete information is available concerning angels and demons. The scriptures do not provide adequate information on who demons or angels are. They are only mentioned doing various acts without necessarily defining their characteristics or roles.

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