Benefits Of Saxophone

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Playing the saxophone is not an easy thing and those who can play this musical instrument literally needed countless hours of practice in order to become good at it. Many people choose to play musical instruments because of their passion while others do it because of family tradition. There are also people who choose to learn how to play musical instruments to earn skills. In the case of playing the saxophone, it is said to produce various benefits like the following:

1. Greater control of sound
All musical instruments produce different and/or distinct sounds when they are played. Most instruments like guitars and drums for example produce sounds when they are struck or played. Once the sound or note is produced, there isn’t much a person can do about it. In the case of the saxophone, the sound produced in this instrument can still be modified or adjusted in terms of pitch and volume among others. By practicing on the breathing technique, one who plays the saxophone will have more control on the quality of the sound produced. With greater control in the production of sound, many saxophonists can also produce a distinct tone or note.

2. Faster learning
Learning how to play the saxophone is often considered much easier when compared with other musical instruments. Some people even liken the process of learning how to play the saxophone to that being instantly rewarding. Novice saxophonists are said to progress to intermediate levels when learning to play the saxophone compared to using other musical instruments like guitars and violins among many others.

3. Sharper Mind
People who play the saxophone and other musical instruments are said to gain a sharper mind from their constant practice and performance. Studies have shown that those who know how to play a musical instrument are able to outperform other people in terms of cognitive scores. With these kinds of studies, music by way of playing an instrument like the saxophone is considered a good exercise for the brain. Brain activity is considered enhanced when one plays the saxophone and other instruments.

4. Various health benefits

Playing musical instruments not only provide fun and entertainment but also yield to various health benefits. Aside from getting sharper minds, people who play the saxophone and other instruments may also have lower blood pressure and healthier hearts. Music in itself is considered good therapy for the soul and it relieves a person from the various stresses of life. When playing musical instruments, one may be able to feel better and have lower chances of being anxious and depress. For saxophonists, another obvious benefit is increase in lung power. This will then translate to improved breathing and endurance.

5. Boost in confidence
Saxophonists often perform solo or when they are part of groups, they are often highlighted or given a few minutes to shine on their own. These kinds of scenario can basically improve self-confidence which is essential in providing great music and entertainment to a person’s audience.
People may choose to play the saxophone for the various reasons listed above. Some of them may not even think of having to get these benefits because they simply enjoy playing their favorite musical instrument. For these people, playing and/or listening to music is great benefit enough.

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