Facts About Lawyers

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Lawyers are great benefactors to society. Their main aim is to provide justice to all—whether the government of a country or individuals. They study various aspects of laws formulated by the government authorities and work accordingly.

Fact 1 – How To Become a Lawyer

After completion of high school studies, those who wish to pursue law need to enroll themselves in proper “law colleges.” It takes about seven years to become a lawyer. The first four years of undergraduate studies are then followed by the next three years of intensive and specialized study of different types of laws. It is at this time that one can make up his or her mind as to which stream to follow according to his or her interests. One can become a criminal lawyer, civil lawyer, corporate lawyer, and so on. The last hurdle that a lawyer has to cross over is the “Bar Exam,” after which he or she becomes a registered lawyer and is given a practitioner’s license.

Fact 2 – Eligibility Criteria

Graduates of different disciplines can get admission into law colleges. But special preferences are given to those who have graduated in Economics, Business Administration, Mathematics, and other subjects that are related to law. To get admission to the best law colleges, you need to sit for the LSAT exams that are designed to choose the best minds who are suitable for this profession.

Fact 3 – Extra Skills Required To Become a Lawyer

Anyone and everyone cannot become a lawyer. The main skills that are sought in law students are, namely:

  • Analytical skills that are necessary to analyze and find out proper solutions;
  • Research skills to help in finding out relevant information and data to make the right decisions;
  • Problem-solving skills to enable lawyers to evaluate matters effectively without any prejudice or emotions;
  • Personalities of lawyers are of great importance to gain the confidence of clients and win their trust;
  • Must be a skillful orator. He or she must be able to clearly explain matters to the higher authorities for justice; and
  • Writing skills to enable lawyers to present documents, wills, etc., accurately and precisely.

Fact 4 – Types of Lawyers

Lawyers are also called “Attorneys.” According to the field of specialization in law school, they take on the responsibilities as lawyers of different areas. The most common are:

  1. Criminal lawyers are those who defend criminals and also fight for justice against criminals;
  2. Civil lawyers look into civil matters pertaining to the public like divorce cases, property cases, adoption issues, etc.;
  3. Corporate lawyers work for companies and offer advice regarding legal issues, business activities, property taxes, union problems, and so on;
  4. Tax lawyers deal with tax-related problems for both corporations and individuals. They must be very proficient in the tax rules and regulations and also of new amendments to offer satisfactory service to clients;
  1. Defense lawyers also work for individuals as well as the government;
  2. There are specific counsels who work mostly for government agencies. Their work involves writing and interpreting regulations and laws and implementing them. They fight on behalf of the government in cases of civil and criminal issues;
  3. There are other types of lawyers like environmental lawyers, family lawyers, litigation lawyers, security lawyers, and others.

Fact 5 – Work Timings

Lawyers are into a profession where there are no work schedules for them. They need to work long hours whether they have their own private law firms or are with a company or business. Their work requires great concentration and dedication and is often stressful, and only a hardworking lawyer can succeed in this profession.

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