Difference Between Resume And CV

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Both a Resume and a CV are used by a prospective employer to assess a candidate’s suitability or aptness for a particular job profile. These are documents which contain summary of a person’s academic and professional achievements.

A Resume is a collation of an individual’s education, work experience, credentials and other achievement that is written together and used to apply for a job. Depending upon the job or the opportunity for which a resume is prepared, it could be categorized as a chronological resume – one that lists important facts as per date/history. One could also choose to make a resume highlighting the various functions/positions held by the individual, making it a functional resume. Mostly a combination of the above two techniques are utilized to arrive at the perfect format. Sometime the professional skills of a person in a resume are presented in such a manner that perfectly targets the requirements of the advertised job. Such resumes are known as targeted resumes. A typical resume contains the name and contact information, details of education and details of work experience. This information itself is arranged in any one of the above mentioned formats as per the requirements of the position for which the application is prepared by the applicant.

A Curriculum Vitae or more commonly known as a CV on the other hand, as its Latin name suggests, is a detailed overview of a person’s professional and academic achievements which highlights all the accomplishments besides the other basic information. The various academic degrees, rewards and recognition are detailed in a resume. Comprising of multiple pages, this document carries the name and contact information of the applicant, the areas of academic interest, list of academic degrees, Grants, honors and awards, professional experience and employment details, any published articles, papers etc. and a list of people who can be used as references to validate and verify the information provided.

The major differences between a resume and a CV are in its length, the intent with which it is written, and the structure in which it is prepared.

While a resume is short in length, kept brief and to the point, a CV is prepared in detail. A resume typically would be a brief summary of a person’s skills and functional expertise, prepared for the particular job being applied to. In this sense it is a targeted document and changes with the type of application that is being written. A CV is a detailed document containing the complete history of a person’s professional and academic achievements and major accomplishments.

A resume is dynamic in nature as it could be tailored to suit a particular requirement. A CV is a static document as the facts and figures listed in it remains the same despite the job being applied to. A CV is updated from time to time to include all the changes, however the facts and information in the CV remains the same.

A chronological order is followed while preparing a CV whereas in a resume the information is ordered or grouped to highlight a particular facet of professional life of the applicant.

CV focus more on the academic work and place emphasis on research work and publications. Resumes are skill focused with an emphasis on non-academic work.

The use of a CV and the Resume are also slightly different. While a CV can be used to apply for work or contracts related to apply for assignments in the field of academics, advanced research, scholarships etc, a Resume is used for work or job related applications, networking with potential recruiters etc.

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