Difference Between PMP And Prince2

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Managing the discrete parts of a project by bringing together disparate resources and making them perform in tandem to achieve the desired project outcome within stipulated timelines, is the deliverable of a Project Manager. In order to perform this task methodically and efficiently, there are a multitude of courses and trainings offered.

In order to identify a capable Project Manager for a particular project, certifications, are often taken into consideration. Both PMP and Prince2 are such certifications in the field of project management, which ensures that the person entrusted with the project, is equipped with the requisite knowledge to handle the project.

PMP and Prince2 are the two most popular and prestigious certifications that are offered in the field of Project Management today. Both involve dissimilar approaches to managing a project and basis the area of expertise required. A choice between the two has to be made keeping some of these factors in mind.

PMP is an extremely popular and credible certification for any project manager. Its popularity has almost made it a standard requirement for most project management requirements. Industry and methodology agnostic, PMP is a certification awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This course originally offered in the US grew in popularity and has spread to Europe, Asia and Africa.

The PMP certification actually opens up a vast repository of Project Management related facts and information to the project manager. An understanding of commonly accepted principles and standards is obtained through this training and subsequent certification. The PMP which is based upon PMBOK is more of a standard that can be followed for project management.

In certain sectors/industries like the resources sector (Agriculture, Mining etc) a PMP professional can earn up to $ 120,000 as highlighted in certain PMI surveys, making it a highly desirable qualification to have. In form of benefit to the employer, a certified professional means adherence to set processes and standards and higher probability of successful execution of the project. The PMI offers a networking platform to the professionals in form of membership provided to all certified project managers. These links not only prove to be immensely beneficial at the time of execution of a live project, but also prove to be vital during a job search.

Prince2 or “Projects in Controlled Environments” certification, on the other hand, is a templatised, step by step detailed, processes centric approach to project management. Administered by the APMG in UK, this certification has gained popularity in Australia, Europe and Middle East besides UK.

Relevant to all types of projects, it applies a universal charter of project management principles. The approach is well laid out and quiet detailed where in the roles and responsibilities of each individual who forms a part of the project management team are defined. There is a special focus put on the planning phase wherein the stages of the project, the resources involved in the project and the deliverables of the project are taken into consideration and a detailed plan is drawn up at the beginning of the project itself. This also alerts the project manager regarding hurdles that could potentially crop up during the advanced stages of the project. Such projects could be abandoned at the beginning to avoid waste of resources.

Since Prince2 follows a very standard process oriented approach, the execution of the project and transition from one phase to another becomes quiet seamless. Prince2 is more of a methodology that can be used to execute a project. It is a more practical approach that can be customized to suit the requirements of a particular project.

According to certain sources a Prince2 certified professional can earn up to $ 75,000 in IT and related service industries in the US, making it quiet a desirable qualification to possess.

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