Difference Between Pamphlet And Brochure

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Many people usually think that pamphlet and brochure mean the same thing but this is not case, there are some differences between them. The two of them differ from each other in the following ways:

Subject matter

A pamphlet usually contains a single subject matter whereas a brochure may contain varied information. Pamphlets contain information about a given topic for example a medical condition or fire emergency response.

Unlike a pamphlet which contains educational or informative topics, a brochure usually contains commercial type of information for example a list and pictures of products being sold by a certain company.

Brochures usually aim at getting people to buy a product or products being sold while pamphlets aim at getting people to understand a certain topic or idea. Brochures are geared towards making people buy a particular commodity through the use of features like pictures and color.

Brochures in addition usually contain calls to action through emails which people can write to, websites which people can log in to for more information, and phone number which people can dial to access products and services. action such

Design and layout

Pamphlet and brochure differ from one another in terms of their design and layout. To start with, a pamphlet is usually unbound while a brochure is bound. A pamphlet is mostly made up of a single piece of paper but may also consist of more than one pieces of paper stapled together at the left upper margin. The number of pages in a pamphlet may range from 2 to 48.

Brochures on the other hand consist of multiple folded sheets of paper. They can be folded once, twice, thrice, or even more times. They can also take C-fold or Z-fold styles.

Further on concerning the layout, all the information in a pamphlet is usually printed on a single piece of paper whereas information runs over several pages in a brochure.

Type of paper

The size and quality of paper are usually different for pamphlets and brochures. Concerning the quality of paper, brochures are often printed on better quality paper than pamphlets.

Brochures are printed on high quality and glossy paper while pamphlets are usually printed on ordinary paper. Unlike brochures which contain attractive features such as photographs and color, pamphlets tend to contain less graphic details. They mostly only consist of words printed on them and in some cases a few graphics which are not too conspicuous.

The reason less graphic emphasis is placed on pamphlets is because pamphlets are only aimed at informing and educating people on particular topics as opposed to brochures which are aimed at persuading people to buy certain products. In addition to selling products, brochures can also be used to advertise events and places like hotels, restaurants, spas, gyms, shopping complexes, and educational institutions.

In regard to the type of paper, paper size is also different for pamphlets and brochures.

Printing volume

Production volume is often different for pamphlets and brochures. Pamphlets are usually printed in bulk so that information can reach a large number of people while brochures are usually produced in just an average number depending on the printing order.

Additional information

Pamphlets are also referred to as leaflets. One is likely to come across pamphlets when he or she is taking a course or attending an informational event such as a medical lecture or a community sensitization programme.

Brochures on their part are also referred to as flyers. One is likely to come across brochures when they visit shopping malls, attend trade fairs, or are paid a visit by salespeople.

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