The Old Testament vs The New Testament: Everything You Need To Know About The Differences Between The Two

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The Holy Bible, just like any other highly-acclaimed literary phenomenon that is a significant and historical part of history as we know, a lot of the text may need a lot of major updating. Think of it as, a newer edition of sorts. Just like GQ or Cosmopolitan. Kidding, I’m kidding. But instead of the usual monthly issues like these magazines, or instead sequels or prequels to the book, the Holy Bible has produced two versions, namely, the Old Testament and the New Testament. So what exactly is the difference between the two? Read through the article to find out! Enjoy.

Fact 1: Let’s start with the Old Testament. Basically, The Old Testament was the very first division of the Christian Bible. It’s basically a collection of books filled with doctrines, stories, dates, and hymns which differed from church to church.

Fact 2: The New Testament on the other hand is the second major division of the Christian Bible. It also goes by the names the New Law or the New Covenant.

Fact 3: The Old Testament spanned a total of 39 books in the Protestant Old Testaments, while there are 51 in the Catholic Old Testaments; 55 in the Orthodox Bibles, and a whopping 57 in the Coptic Bibles.

Fact 4: There is a total of 5,800 words vocabulary words, while the New Testament on the other side has a total of 4,800 words all throughout. There are 27 books in total under the New Testament.

Fact 5: In need of some major forgiveness from the Supreme Being? According to the Old Testament, all you had to do was to sacrifice a lamb in order for all your sins to be forgiven. When it comes to the New Testament, repentance is the only thing you have to do in order to be forgiven. It’s that easy.

Fact 6: In the Old Testament, the texts explains the history of the creation of the universe, as well as the exodus of Israelites, and the Ten Commandments that God had given Moses on the biblical Mount Sinai.

Fact 7: The Old Testament believes in only one holy entity, that the Lord was the only God. The New Testament on the other hand believed in the Trinity of God, which was the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Fact 8: The languages used in the Old Testament, you ask? They were Hebrew and Aramaic. The New Testament was written in Greek.

Fact 9: When it came down to questions pertaining to the end of the world, the Old Testament claims that God, who was also known as Yahweh or Adonai, would send a messenger to bring salvation to the Earth.

Fact 10: In the New Testament, it was believed that Jesus would return once again; to descend upon the Earth and save humanity from imminent doom.

Fact 11: The Old Testament brought forth the basis of the present day Judeo-Christian faith. It spoke about the history of how the universe was created, exodus of Israelites, the Ten Commandments and real life stories. The New Testament, on the other hand, shed more light on the life and lessons of Jesus, as well as the Christian church. The stories in the New Testament are narrated through the gospels and focus on the significance of the sacrifice of Jesus. The intention of the New Testament is to lead people to follow the examples of Jesus more closely and to take his teachings to heart.

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