Books about High School

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Introduction: A High School has different meaning in different countries. In the United States it is used to depict a secondary school, in the United Kingdom except Scotland, a high school is a term used to describe a grammar school or an independent paying school. In India a high school is any educational institution that has classes from nursery to grade ten.

 Here are a few popular reads about high school.

  1. Perfect Chemistry: By Simone Elkeles: As Birttany Ellis enters her chemistry class on the first day of high school, she has no idea that her painstakingly created perfect life is about be She is enforced into being lab partners with Alex, a member of a gang. He is about to terrorize all that she has worked hard for, including her reputation and her relationship with her boyfriend and the much kept secret that her life at home is anything but perfect. Alex is a notorious boy and so when he makes a bet to tempt her, he learns that she is real and ahs genuine problems and their bond become stronger. Will he be able to help her? Read on to find out if they have the perfect chemistry or not.
  2. Bully: By Penelope Douglas: This is the story of Tate, who’s been bullied and has tried to ignore her bully. She even went to France to avoid him but now she’s back and she’s not the same. She’s back with a new goal to stop him from bullying her and from ruining her life. Will she succeed or will this unnamed bully get a taste of his own medicine.
  3. Fallen Crest High: By Tijan: Mason and Logan Kade, two brothers who minded their own business. They were rich and dreamt of attending regular school, at Fallen Crest High. This was the same school that their friend Samantha is studying in. Their only fear is that she doesn’t care for them, nor her boyfriend or even the fact that her parents are getting divorced. Maybe this is good, maybe change is good.
  4. Malory Towers: By Enid Blyton: A series of six novels for children who are getting ready to attend school in this case boarding school. This story revolves around Darrell Rivers, a young girl around the age of seven getting set to be a border at Cornish Boarding at Malory Towers. A cheerful read that puts the reader back in time to when school was fun, and holidays were even better. A great series that you wouldn’t miss reading.
  5. Dare Me: By Megan Abbott: Known for her books on crime author Megan Abbott brings us a new high school drama that revolves around a cheerleading squad. Abby and Beth are put to task when the new coach Collette French makes changes in the way the squad is run. All this while it was Abby and Beth who were in-charge. Will this change drift Abby and Beth apart? Will they be foes rather than friends? Leaves you asking for more.
  6. The Naughtiest Girl Series: By Enid Blyton: Elizabeth Allen is one of the naughtiest girls in the She was put into boarding as her parents were moving far and her governess couldn’t take more of her and resigned. Reminds you of the evergreen classic Mary Poppins. Over time Elizabeth becomes one the most favorite girls in the school. She becomes extremely good at poetry and plays the piano beautifully. Read about her transformation from a living Tasmanian devil to an Angel. Great going Elizabeth!

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