Books about Gay Love

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Introduction: Gay is a term used with reference to a homosexual person or a person having a homosexual trait. In some countries, gay or lesbian marriages were considered illegal. Only recently have some countries begun accepting gay, lesbian and transgender marriages.

Here are a few popular reads on these relationships and what they mean to people who are head over heels in love with another person of the same sex.

  1. The Tin Stars: By J. L. Langley:Fired from his job, thrown out of his house, James Killian has nowhere to go. The only hope he gets is from his brother’s best friend, Ethan Whitehall, in whom he finds comfort and love. Ethan has always been fond of James, and now he’ll do anything to keep him safe.
  2. Gone, Gone, Gone: By Hannah Moskowitz: A year after the devastating attack on the famous World Trade Towers, young Craig is all alone. He has lost his family and can’t get over his ex-boyfriend, until he meets Lio. They have both been victims of the attack and are very supportive of each other. This leads to a special bond. But can Lio sacrifice his love? Will it be worthwhile or will this love be the biggest mistake he has ever made?
  3. With or Without You: By Brian Farrey:   Eighteen-year-old Evan and his best friend Davis have been beaten for being gay. As harsh as the situation may seem, Evan has his boyfriend Erik to comfort him. Evan has been keeping his relationship with Erik a secret, for fear he may be subjected to torture.
  4. Something like Summer: By Jay Bell: Love cannot be destroyed but it can change with time. Nights were lonely for Ben, but soon became sleepless. Ben had fallen in love with tall, sleek and slender Tim Wyman. Ben wasn’t so good looking, but Tim was handsome. Ben hadn’t expressed his feelings to Tim. But little did he know that there was another boy just like Tim, and his name was Jace. Was this a gay love triangle or was someone’s heart about to be broken?
  5. Two Boys Kissing: David Levithan: Based on true events that revolved around Harry and Craig, two seventeen-year-olds who are going to take part in a thirty-two hour long kissing competition to enter the Guinness Book of Records. Will they succeed? Will love win over all other odds?
  6. His for the Holidays: By Angela James: Owen McKenzie has gone to Vermont to spend Christmas with his family. He discovers he’s staying in the same room as his ex- lover Caleb Black. Owen still has feelings for Caleb but he doesn’t want to take things further. Caleb on the other hand wants another chance at Owen. Can he convince him? Can he bring back the same love they once shared or will they go their separate ways?
  7. Saddle Up ‘N Ride: By J P Bowie, with Jan Irving, Simone Anderson, Jambrea Jo Jones, Jamie Samms and Em Woods: Sheriff Joel Harper is being prosecuted, but when he meets his attorney Jason Sherwood it is love at first sight. Joel has been wrongly accused and hopes that Jason will help him. However, their love is hindered upon by robbery, hostile neighbors and hatred. Can their love survive amidst this turmoil? Will the truth be revealed?
  8. Men Under the Mistletoe: By Angela James with Josh Lanyon, Harper Fox, Ava March and K A Mitchell: A man gets a gift of bliss from two experts in love. Teenage sweethearts get a chance at romance, and two prim and proper gents get intimate to fulfill their desires. Winter may have arrived but these hot stories will surely keep you warm.

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