Books About Foster Care

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Introduction: Foster Care is a system wherein a minor is put into a ward, a group-home or a private home of a certified foster parent. This placement is usually done by the local government or a registered social- service agency.

Not everyone has a wonderful time at a foster home, as they too have a past. Let’s find out in some popular books written by people who’ve been in a foster home.


  1. Another Place at the Table: By Kathy Harrison: Kathy has been running a foster home for over a decade. She has been fostering children of drug users, prostitutes, teenage parents in addition to raising her two biological sons and two adopted daughters. This is her story of life at a social service center and how three children nearly destroy her home.
  2. Three Little Words: By Ashley Rhodes-Couter: This is the autobiography of the author’s horrific childhood. A chilling tale of how she was constantly being moved like furniture from home to home some of which were hostile. She was witness to some of the most gruesome domestic violence. All she wanted was her mother’s love. Read on to see if she was reunited with her mother.
  3. The Family Nobody Wanted: By Helen Grigsby Doss and Mary Battenfeld:  This is a mixed bag sorrow, joy and laughter. A story of how children from different cultures come together to and make a home.
  4. The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to your adopted family: By David Cross, Karyn Purvis and Wendy Sunshine: Adopting a child is indeed a proud moment however it comes with challenges. This is the ultimate guide to parents who are planning to or have adopted a child. It helps deal with sensitive issues like care, consideration and compassion.
  5. Attaching in Adoption: Practical tools for today’s Parents: By Debroah D Gray: This book offers handy solutions to today’s parents who have adopted a child. Just as adopting a sibling is a challenge for the older child, so is adoption to the parents. Here’s a handbook on adoption and making the child feel at home.
  6. Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft: By Mary Hopkins- Best: This is a unique book that offers support to parents who plan to adopt and how to prepare themselves for the new addition to the family.
  7. My Fathers Daughter: By Hannah Pool: This story begins in nineteen hundred and seventy four, when Hannah was adopted by a white man. All her life she wondered what it would be like if she ever met a blood relative. Till she gets a letter from her brother she didn’t know she had. Even though she keeps this a secret from her foster-father she never forgot it.
  8. Silent Tears: A Journey Of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage : By Kay Bratt: After her family moved to China in two thousand and three, Kay was forced into a new word. One where girls were considered inferior against boys, poverty and China’s one child policy created an epidemic of abandoned infants. Being a volunteer at a local orphanage, and a mother of two form South Carolina, she witnessed the harsh realities.
  9. To The End Of June: Chris Beam: Who are the children of foster care? What do we owe them as a nation, Chirs Beam, a foster mother herself spent five years in foster care finding answers to these questions and learning about other people who were in foster care. An insight into the lives of children in foster care and their journey to find a loving home.

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