Books About Eating Disorders

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An “eating disorder” is a condition that is characterized by serious disturbances to your daily diet. Persons suffering from an eating disorder either eat very little food, or they severely overeat. Eating disorders’ symptoms initially manifest subtly. A patient may start by eating smaller or larger amounts of food, and then the urge to eat less or more becomes overwhelmingly out of control. Some of the common eating disorders include “anorexia,” “bulimia,” and “binge.”

Books about eating disorders are particularly helpful to patients and caregivers. Helpful information is provided along with a list of “do’s and don’ts” that come in handy when you are caring for a patient or struggling to overcome an eating disorder. Curious readers also get their inquisitive minds satisfied.

Here is a list of some good books that will broaden your knowledge about eating d

  1. An Apple a Day by Emma Woolf

This book is the author’s journal for documenting her personal struggle with anorexia. She talks about her ambition to have a baby of her own and how she fought anorexia to achieve her dream. This book is deeply personal with vivid explanations. It is a good book for people whose lives have been affected by anorexia in one way or another. People with anorexia will be inspired by Emma’s struggle to take her life back, and other readers will understand the intricacies that come with anorexia.

  1. Counseling for Eating Disorders by Sara Gilbert

This book takes a clinical look at eating disorders. It gets to the “nitty gritty,” explaining what they are and the different types that exist. It also explores the possible causes of eating disorders and how you can take your life back. Sara Gilbert is an excellent communicator. The book is an inspiring, good read.

  1. Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating by Leora Fulvio

Binge eating is an eating disorder characterized by excessive food consumption. This book by Leora explores the intricacies of the binge disorder. It is an inspirational book that explores behavioral traits and obsessions that lead to binge eating and how you can reclaim your life. Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating is a good read for people suffering from this disorder.

  1. Living Without Ed by Jenni Schaefer

This book is about Jenni’s struggle with anorexia while in an abusive relationship with Ed. It tells Jenni’s thoughts about how her anorexia was a result of her abusive relationship. She explains how her therapist helped her separate her anorexia from her abusive relationship, how she ended her relationship with Ed, and how she eventually beat anorexia. This book is practical. It has practice exercises at different levels.

  1. Chasing Silhouettes by Emily T. Wierenga

This is the story of Emily Wierenga. She was born and brought up in a Christian family, the daughter of a pastor. She was taught not to be tempted by her vanities, but somehow she became anorexic.

This a story of family, religion, and anorexia. Even good Christian families need redemption. The pastor’s daughter had a struggle with anorexia from the age of 13. Her struggle was also with religion and her family. It promises to be a good read.

  1. Binge Control by Cynthia M. Bulik, Ph.D.

This a guide on understanding binge eating and how to stop. This is a book written for people with binge eating disorders to understand their conditions and treatment options. The message that stands out from this book is that binge eating can be cured.

Eating disorders are real problems for our society’s well-being. Every day people are pushed into situations that make them vulnerable to an eating disorder. It is, therefore, important for people to take the personal initiative to learn as much as they can about eating disorders. You are encouraged to find a book and read it; you never know who you might be able to help.

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