Books About Werewolves

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Werewolves are also referred to as “lycanthropes.” They are mythical creatures that can shape shift into either full-wolf form or a human-wolf hybrid. They are cast as having super strength and enhanced abilities. The intricacies of the werewolves’ abilities and their place in a human community is quite intriguing. Some of the best books about werewolves include:

  • Bitten by Kelly Armstrong

The story in this book revolves around a woman, the only female werewolf in the world. She spends her time with her pack fighting crime and rogue werewolves, but she is tired of it. She wants to live a normal human life in Toronto. So she stops running with her pack and goes to Toronto to live like a human until her pack leader calls her asking for help.

It is an exciting book full of intrigue and suspense. It gives readers a thrilling ride into the mystical world of werewolves in the 21st century. You will enjoy it.

  • The Shiver Trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater

This is a compilation of three books Shiver, Linger, and Forever. Shiver is a love story. Grace falls in love with a werewolf called Sam. Sam spends winter and other cold months in wolf form to keep him warm through the cold. But because of Grace, Sam struggles to remain in human form just so he can remain close to her.

Linger is the second book of the trilogy. Now that Grace and Sam have found love in each other, they have to face the challenges that come with it. Grace, as a human, faces an uncertain future with a werewolf, and Sam has to reckon with a troubling werewolf past. So when a new werewolf comes into town, Sam and Grace’s relationship is thrown into a roller-coaster ride. When everything finally falls apart, it is only love that lingers. Will it be enough?

The last book of the trilogy is Forever. This conclusion of the trilogy comes with a twist. Sam was the wolf when he met Grace but managed to remain human for her. Now Grace is a wolf. And the wolves of their town are being hunted down one by one. It is a fight for survival. This book offers an epic conclusion to the trilogy.

  • Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

This is a story of Mercy Thomson, a garage mechanic by day. At night, she is a magical being and the last of her kind, with the power to turn into a coyote. She does a good balance with her two identities until a boy attacked by wolves shows up at her doorstep. The boy’s attackers are hot on his heels looking to finish the job, and Mercy is now caught in the middle.

  • Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King

This story is cast in a small town. The town’s Reverend Lester Lowe is a prominent member of the community. He is considered a pillar of that community. One night he dreams that he and his church members had become werewolves. Then he wakes up with fresh blood on his fingernails and mouth and tattered clothes littering the floor. Then it suddenly hits him that he is the werewolf that has been terrorizing citizens of Taker Mills during the full moon. He does not know how he became a werewolf or how he can cure himself.

  • The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

In this Gothic horror fiction, Anna Rice tells a story about a journalist who was bitten by wolves, turning him into a werewolf. Conflicted and confused, the journalist tries to hide his werewolf identity from anyone who comes close to finding out. For the better part of the book, he is fleeing from authorities, the media, and a DNA analyst.

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