Books About Psychopaths

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For most of us, psychopathy is a term we only read in books or hear in movies and on the news. In most cases, it is used to describe a murderous individual who has no regard for humanity. The news portrays psychopaths as villains, while in some movies they are glamorized to look like people who balance the scale of justice by killing people that are otherwise untouchable.

The concept of psychopathy has been evolving since it was promulgated in the early 19th century. There have been different definitions that have been explained. Some definitions are partly overlapping and sometimes appear to be contradictory. The whole concept of psychopathy is one that continues to amaze medical researchers. There are hundreds of books that have been written to explain this condition. Some of the best acclaimed books are listed below.

  • Without Conscience by Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.

Dr. Hare has been studying psychopaths for decades. In this book, he takes the readers into the chilling world of psychopaths. He talks about his experiences with psychopaths, drawing a clear understanding of a psychopath. In his illustrations, he incorporates theories for clear understanding. He also talks of the Hare psychopathy checklist, which he constructed, that is currently widely used for diagnosis of “Antisocial Personality Disorder” (psychopathy). It also has a “survival guide” chapter. The book is very informative, and it is easy to read.

  • Snakes in Suits by Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.

In this easy-to-read book, Dr. Hare helps readers identify and disarm predatory psychopaths at the workplace. In his book, he explains how psychopaths camouflage themselves as ideal leaders while feeding off other people’s hard work. Dr. Hare exposes their parasitic and predatory nature while offering a guide on how to identify and disarm psychopaths at work.

  • How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved by Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

When people get into relationships, they expect to be cared for in a loving manner, but how good are we at picking mentally healthy partners? This book was written for women by a woman. It gives a list of red flags that women should be aware of when getting into relationships with a man. It defines eight types of common dangerous men with a red-flag checklist for each. This could be the book that keeps you from making some serious bad choices and facing the repercussions.

  • The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, Ph.D.

This is also a book by a psychologist just like Dr. Hare. The book talks in great detail about “Antisocial Personality Disorder.” It is an easier book to read for people who have just been introduced to the concept of psychopathy. Although the author uses the word “sociopath,” she in fact means Antisocial Personality Disorder, also known as psychopathy. It is a good book for people looking for general knowledge about psychopathy.

  • Women Who Love Psychopaths by Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

According to statistics, one person among 12 Americans is a psychopath. The author of this book makes an argument that among the millions of psychopathic men, many of them will be in relationships with women. Women will genuinely fall in love with psychopathic men. Sandra L. Brown draws from her lustrous experience in counseling women married to psychopathic men. It is meant for women who are devastated by their relationships with men who exhibit psychopathic tendencies. It incorporates a worldwide survey of psychopathic tendencies. From the book, the reader will be able to assess if they are in the at-risk population and how they can safeguard themselves from psychopathic predators.

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