Books About Mermaids

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Mermaids are mythological creatures who have the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a fish. They are represented in the mythology and folklore of several cultures. This worldwide history and appeal of mermaids has led to many popular culture representations of mermaids. Books, films, cartoons, and comics have all referenced and represented mermaids. Even the popular Harry Potter series had an appearance from “merpeople.” Books featuring mermaids range from children’s books with lighthearted and colorful representations to young adult books involving themes of love, death, and conflict.

  1. The Little Mermaid by Christian Hans Anderson: This is the quintessential mermaid tale. It follows a mermaid as she gives up her identity and her life and family in the ocean in order to become human. The immense popularity of this fairy tale is apparent; it is known to almost everyone and has been adapted into both film and theater.
  2. Stories of Mermaids by Russell Punter: This illustrated children’s book aims to introduce young readers to books with fun tales of mermaid characters and their adventures.
  3. Mermaid Tales for Kids by Andrew Lang and Peter I. Kattan: This children’s book contains seven short stories about mermaids. Designed for children, the fairy tales are mostly lighthearted and represent several mermaid characters.
  4. The Ingo Chronicles by Helen Dunmore: The pentalogy of children’s books tells the tale of a mermaid called Sapphire. Set in a beautiful and diverse undersea world of Ingo, the books follow the characters as they learn the deep secrets of the world they inhabit.
  5. Mermaids in Paradise by Lydia Millet: A dark but comic book is set on a Caribbean Island as a newlywed couple team up with other fascinating and funny characters to save a mermaid kingdom from a capitalist company looking to turn it into a theme park.
  6. The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks: The Syrena Legacy books are a series of books where the main character is inspired by mermaids in Greek mythology. It follows a love story of a mermaid prince and a woman who can communicate with fish. This young adult book is set in a background of conflict in the undersea world and explores themes of identity, love, and peace.
  7. The Mermaid’s Mirror by L. K. Madigan: The trilogy follows a young 16-year-old girl called Lena and how she discovers her past with the help of a message from a mermaid and a magic mirror. This coming-of-age novel is a fast-paced book containing young adult themes like being misunderstood by your parents and identity set in a fascinating world of the ocean.
  8. Daughters of the Sea by Hannah Kathryn Lasky: This series of books is about three mermaid sisters and their different lives after they are separated at birth by a storm. One of the sisters, a young girl in human form, finds herself attracted to the ocean and in the process finds her true self.
  9. Between the Sea and the Sky by Jacyln Dolamore: This young adult book is set in a detailed undersea world and follows the life of a young mermaid and her journey through land to find her sister. Containing other mythological creatures as well, this book explores the bond of sisters, friendship, and a fascinating world.
  10. Lorali by Laura Dockrill: A story of a young mermaid princess, Lorali, who is running away from her destiny and is taken care of by a young 16-year-old boy called Rory. Rory tries to protect Lorali as strange visitors show up in Rory’s town. This story, with many twists and turns, makes for a fun, young adult book as the characters try to figure out where they belong in the world.

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