Books about Ireland

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Introduction: Ireland is an island situated in the North Atlantic and. It was once under British rule but is separated from Great Britain and is calledthe Republic of Ireland. It is the second-largest island of the British Isles. The northern part is still under British rule and is called Northern Ireland. Ireland has a population of 6.4 million.

Here are a few books about Ireland:

  • Circle of Friends: By Maeve Binchy:Kind-hearted Benny and Eve Malone are childhood friends. They have been to the same school and have grown up together. All they hope for is to join the same university in Dublin and their wish comes true. Will this inseparable pair be classmates once again? Will they be in the same circle of friends? A book that teaches us that life changes and so do people as they enter new phases of life.
  • Ireland: A Novel: By Frank Delaney: A story-teller arrives at the home of nine-year-old Ronan O’Mara in the Irish countyside. He is the last person who still continues to practice this tradition. Known as the Seanchai entertains his audience with stories of clumsy kings and saints who have performed selfish acts. He does so for three evenings till he is asked to take his leave for false practices. But he has changed young Ronan’s life. A book of magical tales that are
  • The Last September: By Elizabeth Bowen: The author presents the story of a young woman who is coming of age in troubled times. Set in nineteen hundred and twenty, this is the story of Sir Richard Naylor and his wife Lady Myra, who are cynical about the events taking place. The Last September depicts the dilemma of choosing between love and the longing for freedom.
  • Michael Collins: The man who made Ireland: By Tim Pat Coogan: A story that outlines the life of Michael Collins and his struggle for Irish freedom. The book throws light on the political system in Ireland in those times.
  • Rebels: The Irish Rising of 1916: By Peter de Rosa: On Easter Monday in nineteen hundred and sixteen, the people of Ireland, armed with weapons, took to the streets of Dublin to declare a republic. It was a harsh, dark and symbolic move, and they knew it. British troops killed and wounded many rebels and the ruins were left in Dublin. The author brings to life the tumultuous times.
  • History of Ireland: By Malachy McCourt: A convincing book that portrays Ireland from pre-Christian times to the present day. This is made relevant through figures and myths of history and the present times.
  • Ten Men Dead: The Story of the Great Irish Hunger Strike of Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-One By David Beresford and Peter Maas: A horrific tale of ten men who went on a hunger strike and eventually died within the walls of the Long Keshprison in Belfast. They died in an effort to make the government recognize them as political inmates rather than common criminals.
  • Guerilla Days in Ireland: A Personal Account of the Anglo-Irish war: A fight between two uneven forces that ended in the removal of the British from twenty-six counties. The story of West Cork Flying column under the supervision of Tom Barry, a remarkable commander and hero.
  • On Another Man’s Wound: By Ernie O’Malley: Much more than any other book of its time, this book covers the attitude, belief and lifestyle of the Irish folk during their struggle for freedom. It also gives us a look at the works of the Irish freedom fighters.

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