Books About Investing

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Introduction: The term investing refers to finance. It means putting aside money in market schemes or even in a bank in various forms so as to earn interest.

Investing is risky and has caused people to lose a lot of money.

Here are a few interesting reads on investing tips:

  1. The Intelligent Investor: By Benjamin Graham: One of the greatest investors in the world, Benjamin Graham, taught and inspired many people. His philosophy of value investing covers investors from errors and guides them to develop long-term plans. With time, the market has developed and proven this theory to be true. Anyone looking to invest in a market that is indeed risky should read this book and see how they can possibly avoid risks and earn a profit.
  2. A Random Walk Down Wall Street: Including a Life Cycle guide to Personal Investing: By Burton Malkiel: An influential book on stock markets that popularized the random walk hypothesis. The author investigates some popular investing methods and identifies the flaws in each method.
  3. The Little Book of Common Investing: By John C Bogle: Written by founder and former chief executive officer of the Vanguard Group, John Bogie. John focuses on index funds that give an investor an average market return while keeping investing costs low. The basic fundamentals of investing and how one can gain maximum profits are explained in this book. Investors and those who are connected with the stock market should definitely read this book.
  4. Stocks for the Long Run By Jeremy J Siegel: This book gives us an insight into the history of the stock market and the techniques, tools and tactics that investors use to gain maximum returns.
  5. The Four Pillars of Investing: Lessons for building a winning portfolio: By William J Bernstein: This book gives investors the necessary tools they need to form the best return portfolios. By giving investors a look at the various market trends from time to time, it also gives practical solutions to investors so that their decisions are risk free.
  6. Market Wizards By Jack D Schwager: Written in nineteen hundred and eighty-nine, this book is a collection of interviews of traders with excellent trading history. The book also has stories of trading careers of the interviewees and their outlook with regard to investing. After each interview, the author sums up with his approach to trading and what an investor can learn.
  7. Investing 101: By: Kathy Kristof: This book helps future investors to set realistic goals, organizing themselves, gaining capital and financial security. It also helps investors get the right information, and tips on financial planning strategies and keeping records.
  8. Investing Online for Dummies: By Matt Krantz: Investing in anything can be risky and comes with pros and cons. Investing online too can be risky, and very dangerous too. A down-to-earth practical guide to making the best investing decisions wisely and with the most updated information. For those eager to control their investments and don’t want to make this a full time job, this is the ideal book.
  9. Fail- Safe Investing By Harry Browne: A personal finance book written by American investor, analyst and politician Harry Browne. It gives a detailed breakdown of the S and P five hundred fund. An outline of seventeen simple rules of financial security.
  10. Investing in One Lesson: By Mark Skousen: Investment guru Mark Skousen clarifies why the stock market is risky and why downfalls occur. Not everyone is perfect at investing; no-one can predict the future of this market. Skousen also tells us why good news for the economy can be bad news for the stock market.

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