Books about Hero’s

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Introduction: A hero is someone who is looked up to for their courage, bravery, and noble qualities.

We have real life heroes and fictitious heroes as well. A hero is also a term used to depict the male star of a movie or book, although there is no gender attached to the word hero now; it can be maleor female.

Here are some books on people who would qualify as heroes:

  1. Charlie Mike: A True Story of Heroes Who Brought Their Mission Home: By Joel Klein: An inspirational book about soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and their struggle to come home in one piece. A look into the lives of brave soldiers who are always facing near death situations.
  2. Heroes: History’s Greatest Men and Women: By Simon Sebag Montefiore: We’ve seen and read about people who’ve struggled for survival at different times in different eras. This book tells us in short about these extraordinary men and women. This is the author’s personal selection of one hundred heroes from history.
  3. I Am Malala: By Malala Yousafzai: A remarkable book about a young school-going girl from Pakistan. She was shot in the head by the Taliban only because she wanted to go to school and she was a girl. When the Taliban attacked everyone was scared and traumatized but this young girl stood up and fought for her rights. Today she is well known world-wide for her heroic survival and bravery, in addition to winning the Nobel Peace Prize. This book is a must read for all young people who aspire to be leaders of tomorrow the odds. The world can take a lesson or two from her.
  4. Quiet Strength: Rosa Parks: On the first of December nineteen fifty- five, Rosa Parks became the mother of modern civil rights when she refused to give her seat on a bus to a white man. This book mirrors her dreams, reflections and eventual outlook based on different themes such as her faith and belief. It also gives us an insight into her dream about the future.
  5. Walk To Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela: It was on tenth May nineteen hundred and ninety-four that Nelson Mandela was installed as the President of the Republic Of South Africa. In this book, Mandela talks about how institutional racism failed to tear the spirit of a nation. He will remain a role model to a nation that faced some of the most gruesome abuse ever. Mandela himself was incarcerated by the Aoartheidregime for twenty-seven years!
  6. Batman: The Dark Night Returns: By Frank Miller and Klaus Janson: Crime is on the run in Gotham City and the city’s most popular heroes, Batman and Robin, are the last hope for the people of the city. Can they take on the new generation of criminals? Will they be able to save Gotham once again and continue to be heroes for the people?
  7. Real Life Heroes: By Richard Kagan: This is a guide for children to help them deal with trauma or painful situations they may have faced. This book doesn’t tell them to avoid any the challenges but to face them by gaining help from people who are their support system. It tackles issues like divorce, separation, and learning difficulties. This collection of short autobiographies helps children overcome their fears and problems through different activities like music, dance, arts and crafts, and movies and so on. A must read for children who are going through difficult times. An inspiration to parents as well.

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