Books About Heaven

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Introduction: Heaven is described as the domicile of God—a place or state of existence of the holy after mortal life. It is a pleasant place brimming with happiness, and often portrayed as paradise.
A lot of authors have written books about heaven as they perceive it.

Here are a few popular books on the topic of heaven:

1. Heaven is for real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of his trip to heaven and back: by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent: In this book, Todd Burpo, a pastor at Crossroads Wesleyan Church in Nebraska, talks about the time his three-year-old son had surgery and described things that seemed bizarre and fantasized. Some of the incidents described are information on an unborn sister, details of a grandfather who died thirty years before the boy was born, and an encounter with Jesus,sitting in His lap while an angel sang to him, and also of Mother Mary, kneeling beside the throne of God and at other times standing by Jesus.

2. Proof of Heaven: by Eben Alexander: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into Afterlife: Dr. Alexander’s brain was damaged by a rare illness; the most affected was the part of the brain that controls thoughts and emotions. This part of the brain shut down and he lay in a coma. This story is about the time before he went into surgery.His recovery is nothing less than a miracle. He talks about how he could not recollect any knowledge he had of neuroscience, and had no time for heaven, God or the soul. Today, he is a doctor who believes in good health that can be achieved only when one believes in God, and that God and the soul are real and death is not the end of existence.

3. Ninety minutes in Heaven: by Cecil Murphey and Don Piper: On his way back a conference, Don’s car is crushed by a semi-truck that invaded his lane. Medical personnel declared him dead on the spot. While he lay lifeless, Don experienced glimpses of heaven, overwhelmed by beauty and music. After a minister prayed over him for a whole ninety minutes, he miraculously returns to life on earth only with the memory of his journey to heaven.

4. First Phone Call From Heaven:by Mitch Albom: Set in a small town in Michigan, this story gets world- wide attention as people begin receiving phone calls from heaven. Could this be a miracle of a lifetime or a massive hoax?

5. Heaven Better by Far: by J. Oswald Sanders: This is the last book written by J Oswald Sanders before he died in 1992. He digs deep into the Scriptures to learn about a Christian’s last home and depicts heaven to be glorious and majestic. This book, written in question and answer style, tells us that the author wanted to know more about heaven as he knew he would be a guest there soon.

6. Flight to Heaven: by Captain Dale Black: An airplane crash, a lone survivor, a journey to heaven and back—Captain Dale Black tells his story of miraculously surviving a horrible plane crash, taking a journey to heaven and back, and how this changed his life.

7. Safe in the arms of God: by John F MacArthur : In this intense but short book, John MacArthur answers questions about what happens to children who are unborn, stillborn or very young when they die. This is something that has left Christians in a dilemma since the early days of the Church. In this book, MacArthur gives us a Biblical examination of issues that leads to a satisfactory answer.

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