Books about Fairies

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Fairies and other magical beings have always existed alongside the humans in this world. They are shy but we have often benefited by their generous and magical powers. Here is a list of books about Fairies

A Book of Fairies by Patricia Saxton

The book is a beautiful piece of work with colorful imagery. It talks of the everyday life of fairies. Where they live? What they do? And what magic they can play?

Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane

The book gives detailed instructions on how to build a Fairy House. It also talks of what would happen if you made a house like that, if fairies would indeed come to live or not and why.

How to Find Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker

In this book the author unveils the secret of the place where the fairies live. The author gives vivid descriptions and enchanting images of the fairies’ home. Every page of this book is full of delightful surprises and fun facts about the places where the fairies live

Magical Secret Garden by Cicely Mary Barker

This book is second in the Flower Fairies series. It is the story of a fairy’s adventure as she finds a secret place. The book explores the beauty of the fairy world and it’s magic. The imagery is beautiful and it speaks of the importance of true friendship. It is an exciting read for children.

The Fairy Bible: The Definitive Guide to the World of Fairies by Teresa Moorey

The book explores the legends and writings about fairies through ages. It talks of fairy cities, landscapes, rings, and paths. The book describes in detail the life of fairies and their world. It is an enchanting glimpse into a world which is so different from ours and which is so full of magic.

The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz and illustrated by Angela Barrett

This book speaks of the misadventure of a little fairy who has lost her wings. The night fairy is tiny but fierce. She goes through the world with zeal and tells people what to do and what not to do. Not everyone is always ready to learn from her but she is relentless and determined in her cause.

The Book of Fairies by Michael Hague

In this book the author presents an enchanting world full of enchanting creatures. Here you will meet several known characters like Thumbelina and other magical creatures like goblins, elves and a brownie. The book explores the world of these magical creatures that have existed close to the humankind but still hidden from them for centuries and affected their lives in many ways.

Fairy Gardening by Julie Bawden-Davis and Beverly Turner

This book appeals to the child that lives in us all. It is a detailed guide on how to make your own fairy garden. The book provided step by step instructions on how to landscape and furnish a beautiful garden for fairies and magical creatures. You may not be able to see them for they will conceal themselves from you but be sure they will visit your garden

Fairies 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Fairies and Other Elementals by Doreen Virtue

This book is refreshing new outlook on the mythical nature of fairies and magical creatures. The book is an anthology of testimonials from people who have seen and encountered fairies and other magical beings and who have helped them in healing and making their gardens grow. The book gives a whole new dimension to the world of fairies and presents them as very real.

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