Books about family

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Family is the basic unit of community living. Families can make or break a person. Given below is a list of books on family

The First Family Detail by Ronald Kessler

Presidents, vice presidents, and presidential candidates look perfect on stage. They portray an image for the public. But what are they like in ordinary life? This books revels uncensored stories about famous people.

Toxic Parents by Susan Forward and Craig Buck

This book is a best seller in parenting and adult child relationship. The book offers help to those who have been manipulated by their parents. Who have been told how worthless they are, there by affecting their self-worth.

Everything Changes by Beverly Conyers

This book offers help for the families of alcohol victims who are on the road to recovery. The book offers coping mechanisms and guidelines to take the edge off worries and doubt and fear. It teaches loved ones of newly recovering addicts how to face the often chaotic early months of recovery.

Have a Happy Family by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman

The book deals in building healthy relationships and unconditional trusts among family members. The author gives us step by step advice on how to communicate honestly and kindly and set your priorities as a family.

Family First by Dr. Phil McGraw

In this book the author offers advice on how to build a unique family by being positive and honest with your children which will make your influence over them more effective. The book talks about day to day actions and little choices that can bring peace and joy to your family and lead the road to healthy and strong relationships.

The Family Book by Todd Parr

The Family Book celebrates the love we feel for our families and all the different varieties they come in. The author speaks of how to turn silly scenes in family into great communication opportunities and how we should encourage our children to share their ideas with us.

My Family by Debbie Bailey

The book promotes cozy talks and communications and a peaceful and secure image of a family. The most interesting feature of the book is the excellent collection of photographs that gives a visual impact of different day to day family scenes. The author Debbie Bailey and Photographer Sue Husza have together presented a kaleidoscope of different families, cultures and ethnicities.

We Belong Together by Todd Parr

Once again the author has presented important crucial facts about family life in a playful and easygoing way. The book targets kids as well as grownups. It is about adoption and adjustment that come as a part of that process and how to develop a sense of belonging.

The Ideal Family to Be or Not to Be by Jennifer P. Tanabe

This book is a biographical narrative of the life of David Sang Chul Kim and his family. It is a fascinating tale of his belief in Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his missions to the United Kingdom and United States of America. It’s a good and wholesome tale of how faith leads a person

Where Did Your Family Come From? by Melvin Berger and Robert M. Quackenbush

This book deals with the issue of children and immigration. It tells the story of four children who came and settled in the US from different countries and developed a strong friendship as their paths crossed.

The Nest by Kenneth Oppel

This book is about Steve and how he spent his summer worrying about his baby brother who is fighting for survival while his friends enjoyed the sun and the holidays.

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