Books about Enlightenment

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An enlightened individual or society is similarly empowered. There are numerous books that can enlighten people cognitively, emotionally, or spiritually. Though targeting different audiences and focusing on people with different enlightenment needs, enlightenment books do great work of changing people’s perceptions about others and life in general.

One such book about enlightenment is Power versus Force by David Hawkins. This book contains a detailed account of the numerous methods by which individuals and communities can find answers to life’s many dilemmas. The other key subjects of the book are determination of truths and falsehoods presented in actions, speeches, and statements in everyday life. The explanations in the book are based on the author’s other favorite physics topics, namely nonlinear dynamics, applied kinesiology, and chaos theory.

For enlightenment on relationship issues, the book Fighting for Love: Divine Secrets to a Happy Relationship by Liliya Akhmadeeva comes in handy. This book falls under the broader category of Christian inspirational books. Written with a background of Christianity and God, this book is likely to have an immense transformation on the life any serious reader. It also guarantees proper and practical divine counsel, not easily derived from secular books. This book is also appropriate for people seeking self-reflection, to come out of challenging situations and to solve serious private, family, and communal problems.

In particular, the book talks plainly to women of all ages, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic or social statuses about life, based on their perspectives. Thus, all types of women and girls can greatly benefit by reading the book Fighting for Love: Divine Secrets to a Happy Relationship. The book also contains ideas about better home life and good relationship in a new and divine perspective. Notably, it would be more helpful if people read this book with their spouses.

The book Awakening Inner Guru by Banani Ray and Amit Ray is the other valuable enlightenment book currently preferred by many. Its core objective is making the readers to live fulfilling lives by awakening their inner wisdom and powers. According to the book, to have a fulfilling life, a person must understand and practice the principles of such a life. The author emphasizes that inspiration and mediation are some of the simple practices by which a life can be made fulfilling. The book is not only inspirational; it also offers practical solutions to life’s problems. It offers solutions for problems associated with family and relationships as well as suggestions for emotional healing for people with disturbing problems. Finally, the book awakens readers’ spiritually by disseminating information about the effectiveness of inner guide and inner power on personal inspiration.

The other good book about enlightenment is Pursuing Consciousness: the Book of Enlightenment by Peter Ralston. This book is about the rough terrain of spiritual and personal life and growth. The essence of the book is to offer guidance to readers on how to safely navigate through the challenges of spiritual and personal life.

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