Books About Elves

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Introduction: According to Germanic mythology, an elf is believed to be a certain kind of supernatural being. In the Elizabethan era, elves were associated with fairies and romance. They are often depicted as very small beings with pointed ears, and having mischievous and magical powers.

A multitude of books about different types of elves and the concept of elves have been written in different eras.Some of the more popular books in this genre are:

  1. Evermeet: Island of Elves: By Elaine Cunningham: The Queen of Elves Amlaruil is the last hope to save Evermeet from an attack. An entertaining read for children who have an imagination of their own.
  2. Iron Elves: By Chris Evans: Unwanted by their own clan for bearing the mark of the Shadow Monarch, the Iron Elves have chosen to join human armies that belong to the Calahrian Empire. They hope that through discipline and dedication they can clear the stains of their birth.
  3. The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves and Little People: By Thomas Knightley: The book offers an enchanting insight into a world of myths, black magic, and folk-lore that these little beings inhabit.
  4. The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition: By Carol V Aebersold: This is a unique book that is written in rhyme. It is a Christmas themed book about how Santa Claus knows who is naughty and who is nice. A light hearted book for children to enjoy in the season of joy and giving.
  5. The Elves and the Shoemaker: By Enid Blyton: This is a delightful and extremely popular story about a poor shoemaker and his wife, who have no money to pay the rent for their house, and just about enough leather to stitch up another pair of shoes. The old man has given his last pair to an old lady. But who should come and help him? Little elves, of course. A delightful little book about helping one another during times of trouble.
  6. Absulum: The Reindeer Elf: By Duncan Wells: This is the story of Absulum, an elf who looked after Santa’s reindeer and cleaned their barn. He also helped Santa deliver his presents each Christmas. A short story written in poetic form,with illustrations to tickle your funny bone. Children of all ages will love this book.
  7. The Elves and the Otterskin: By Elizabeth Boyer: Ivarr had been traded to the evil witch Birna. Now that Birna was dead, he had to free himself from the land of the elves. These elves were outcasts and a dangerous threat. Will he succeed? Read and find out.
  8. The ElfstonesOfShannara: By Terry Brooks:   A novel that gives its readers a look into the history of elves. Written in nineteen hundred and eighty-two, this is an exciting read with elements of adventure, treasure and magic spells.
  9. Elfabet: By Jane Yolen: An alphabetical book on elves with names that begin with each letter of the alphabet, each with a unique character. A book that personifies the traits of little children who are full of life with a pinch of naughtiness thrown in.
  10. The Lord of the Elves and Eldils: By Richard L Purtill: This book provides a look into the philosophy and fantasy of two fellow professors of Oxford University who considered it necessary to plunge into the world of fiction.
  11. Eliza and the Elves: By Rachael Field: A beautiful compilation of poetry on elves and fairies. These unusual poems are a delight to read.

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