Books About Elephants

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Introduction: Elephants are large animals that belong to the Elephantaidae family. There are two species: the African elephant and the Asian elephant. The average life span of an Asian elephant is seventy years while the African elephant can live to around sixty to seventy years.

We’ve heard that a man’s best friend is a dog, but for some an elephant is their best friend.

Here are a few popular reads that narrate different stories of elephants :

  1. Water for Elephants: By Jacob Jankowski:Based on the life of ninety-three-year old Jacob Jankowski, who now resides in an old age home and is advised on what to eat and drink. He narrates his story of how he spent his life as a vet during the Great Depression. While he is still in college studying to be a vet, his parents meet with an accident and lose their lives. Devastated, he leaves on a train that happens to be a circus train belonging to The Benzini Brothers: The most spectacular show on earth. He goes on to tell us how he is hired as the circus vet, how he rescues the circus animals and how he starts his own circus. A beautiful story of a young boy whose perseverance and determination lead him to achieving his dreams.
  2. The Elephant Whisperer: By Lawrence Anthony: This is the tale of how the author rescues the elephants of the Baghdad Zoo who were to be gunned down for alleged hostile behavior.
  3. Elephant Memories: By Cynthia Moss:   From nineteen hundred and eighty-eight, Cynthia has been looking after elephants of Kenya’s National Park. This is her narration of how she looks after one family of elephants for thirteen years. A brilliant book and a lovely, tear jerking story. A must read for all animal lovers.
  4. The White Bone: By Barbara Gowdy:   The tale of an adopted elephant who strives to fit in with the other elephants and their journey of rescuing themselves from poachers and drought.
  5. Modoc: The True Story Of The Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived: By Ralf Helfer: The fairy-tale like story of a young boy who grows up with a circus elephant and how they develop a strong bond. They face a near death experience when the ship they are in is shipwrecked. Modoc is about love, friendship, loyalty and adventure.
  6. Hannah’s Dream: By Diane Hammond: For forty-one long years, Samson Brown has been looking after Hannah, the lone elephant at the Max L Biedelman Zoo. He promises to leave only when another care taker like him is hired. Neva Wilson takes over after Sam. Together, they decide to send Hannah to a sanctuary away from the cruel zoo and its keeper.
  7. Love, Life And Elephants: An African Love Story: By Daphne Sheldrick: The story begins when the author’s family migrates to Africa from Scotland in eighteen hundred and eighty-eight. Daphne happens to be the first person to have single handedly reared newborn elephant calves. Her empathy with these big and gentle creatures and her dedication to and understanding of Kenya’s wildlife in the years she spent in Africa is truly a remarkable read.
  8. Elephants on Acid: By Alex Boese: On August third, nineteen hundred and sixty-two, Tusko, a young elephant, wakes up in his den ready for a new day. But what he doesn’t know is that he was about to be given the highest dose of the hallucinogen LSD. An enthralling, read that reveals some of the most shocking realities of experiments that took place in the twentieth century.

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