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There is a wide range of books from which Disney lovers can enjoy reading their favorite Disney stories. One such book is Disney after Dark, written by Ridley Pearson and illustrated by David Frankland. This novel is about five teenagers given the task of being Disney World guides. The teens all of a sudden become hologram projections that guide visitors to different places within the park. Their jobs soon become a terrifying when the group crosses paths with some Disney Park rogues, which make their lives horrying.

The second interesting book about Disney is Disneywar by Stewart James. This book is based on the stories surrounding the resignation of Roy Disney from Disney Animation. Roy is the nephew of the founder of Disney World, Walt Disney. In Disneywar, James Stewart covers the intrigues that characterized the civil war that the entertainment company underwent after the resignation of Roy Disney. The prolific writer accessed firsthand information not only from Roy Disney but also from former Disney World officials.

Among the sources of information for Disneywar were serving and former workers, including executives, board members, and hitherto confidential and unseen letters, memos, transcripts, and other documentary sources. All the mysteries of Disney are covered in this interesting and thoroughly revealing book. Some of the events covered in the book are the relationships among Roy and Walt Disney, Eisner (former CEO and chairman) and the then Disney president Michael Ovitz, and the bad blood between Eisner and Pixar chairman Steve Jobs. The book also contains stories on the spying on Roy Disney by Eisner and the source of their mistrust.
The Walt Disney Company also has written several books. One such book is Beauty and the Beast, a book containing a summary of some of the favorite Disney movies ever created. The other book by Walt Disney Cinderella: A Little Golden Book, which is about a much beloved princess. The book is a retelling of Disney’s Cinderella and is recommended for children aged between the ages of 2 and 5 years.

The other interesting book about Disney is the Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, by Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and Walt Disney Company. This book is an elaborative explanation of Disney animation by animators. The book takes the reader through the gradual process by which the comparatively young American animation art developed. The identified weakness of the book is that despite its broad coverage of the development of animation in the USA, it does not give readers even a single lesson on how to actually do an animation. However, the authors have defended this criticism, stating that the book was not intended to be a tutorial. Nevertheless, the book is a wonderful read, full of information about the principles of animation and the workings of Disney’s animators. The book is not just for Disney animators but also for anyone interested in animation, composed of artistic drawings of the founders of drawn animation at Disney.

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