Books About Depression

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Introduction: Depression can lead to severe misery, dejection, despair and hopelessness. Most people go through some degree of depression. In more severe cases, people begin to feel unwanted and useless and even commit suicide.
Numerous books have been written talking about victims of depression, while other books provide remedies to deal with depression, and even how to prevent it.

1. Thirteen Reasons Why: by Jay Asher: Clay Jensen comes back home, and is surprised to see a mysterious box with his name on it lying on the porch. On opening the box, he finds thirteen tapes recorded by classmate Hannah Baker. These tapes tell the story behind Hannah’s suicide and how Clay was one of the reasons she decided to end her life.

2. It’s Kind Of A Funny Story: by Ned Vizzini: Through this book, author Ned Vizzinidescribes his own struggle with depression through his central character with humor, showcasing his time in hospital when he was being treated for mental illness. Unfortunately, depression takes a toll on the author and he ends his life.

3. Something Like Normal : by Trish Doller: Travis, a US Marine, has just come home after being deployed in Afghanistan to find that the world he left behind has fallen apart. His parents are getting divorced, his brother has taken fancy to his girlfriend and visions of his best friend being killed begin to haunt him. These events have him sinking into depression. Thankfully, he meets someone who helps him in coping with his personal tragedies.

4. The Bell Jar: by Sylvia Plath: Sylvia’s shocking, pragmatic, intense and emotional novel focuses on a woman who is slowly sinking into insanity. Esther Greenwood is a talented, beautiful, and brilliant girl who is slowly being overcome by depression—a deep saturation into the darkest and most disturbing curves of human consciousness.

5. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest: by Ken: Seeing the nefarious goings on at a mental asylum and horrified at how the asylum authorities dealt with a rebellious inmate, a Big Indian who is also an inmate decides he’s had enough and escapes. In doing so, he overcomes his depression.

6. I Never Promised You A Rose Garden: by Joanne Greenberg: This book is focuses on teenage depression. A young girl alienates herself from reality and enters an imagined and threatening world. She eventually meets a doctor who helps her find herself.

7. The Yellow Wallpaper: by Charlotte Perkins Gilman: This book is written as the secret journal of a woman who has had an unsuccessful marriage and is falling prey to depression. She is sentenced to a country rehabilitation center. The Yellow wallpaper is a symbol of her imprisonment.

8. Get Well Soon: by Julie Halpern: Anna, a depressed young teen, is sent to a mental hospital and finds herself among other unstable teenagers. She meets a fellow teen who has a secret plastic baby, a doctor who is weight conscious and a doctor who secretly admires her.

9. Alias Grace: by Margaret Atwood: A young maid is found guilty of murder. The court sentences her to death, but later commutes it to a life term. After years behind bars, she is released and is taken into rehabilitation, where she meets a neurologist who is determined to crack the case.

10. Asylum: by Patrick McGrath: Stella joins her husband in a hospital for the mentally ill. However, she is trapped in the web of Edgar Stark, who killed his wife in a fit of rage. Little does she know that her friendship with Edgar will destroy her life as well as the lives of others with whom she shares a relationship.

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