Books About Demons

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Introduction: A demon is believed to be an evil supernatural power that haunts and take over one’s mind and body.

A number of books have been written about demons that possessone’s soul. Some books in this genre talk about demons being a myth, and how victims have come out of being possessed or threatened by demons.

Some of which are:

  1. Unforgiven: By Lauren Kate: Cam, a young boy, knows what it is to be haunted, and his worst fears come true when the girl he has fallen for has to serve sentence for a crime she didn’t commit. An interesting read.
  2. Mind Magic: Eileen Wilks: FBI agent Lily Yu is possessed by a black dragon. Her mind is being controlled and the only one she has by her side is her husband Lupi Rule Turner, to distract her and take her mind off the dragon.
  3. Reap The Wind: By Karen Chance: Being chief of the clan would come with benefits,and Cassie Palmer who learns that one doesn’t have to do things the hard way. She finds herself helping people and skipping through time, even though she doesn’t quite understand her power.
  4. Double Cross My Heart: By Brandon Hill: With no memory of a human life, Elisa faced difficulties in her life.But now has found love in Derek, a vampire. Her life begins to change.
  5. Demons In Disguise: By A and E Kirk:Aurora has had enough of being prey to these demons in disguise. She is all set to uncover the truth when all hell breaks loose. An entertaining and captivating read.
  6. A Demon’s Dark Embrace: By Amelia Hutchins: Two different worlds, one mission: to be saved from suffering and disloyalty.
  7. Demon Seed: By Desiree Acuna: One sacrifice can return Nuri to the world he has been banned from, and right from the time he captures beautiful young Collette, all he has on his mind is possessing her.
  8. Embraced: By Jus Accardo: The world’s most notorious murderer,Jax Flynn, intends to cause suffering to those around him. At one time, in order to protect the world from falling into disarray, he had to kill his lady love Samantha.
  9. Demons And Deliverance: By H.A Maxwell Whyte: Horrific events continue to unroll. The author gives us logical ways of dealing with demons. He deals with commonly asked questions, suchaswhat is a demon, and so on.
  10. Halfway To The Grave: By Jeaniene Frost: Half-human and half-vampire Catherine Crawfield is leaving no tombstone unturnedin lieu of finding her father. She seeks revenge against her father because he was the culprit who destroyed her mother’s life.
  11. Clockwork Angel: By Cassandra Clare: Tessa Gray enters the underworld of London in search of her brother.Only later does she learn that that her followers are demon-like shadow-hunters.
  12. Angels And Demons: By Dan Brown: World famous symbologist Robert Langdon is called to study a strange wound on a murdered physicist. He finds that the truth behind it is beyond his belief. It appears to be related to an antique brotherhood called the Illuminati. The Illuminati is considered to be one of the most authoritative underground forces on Earth.
  13. Personal Demons: By Lisa Desrochers: A young Catholic girl with a slightly devilish streak. She has kept her friends at a distance and her senior year seems to be on the same track. This is only until Luc Cain joins her class. He has been sent to posses her soul. Will Frannie be able to save herself?

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