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The invention of the modern automobile in 1886 has been lauded as one of the most important developments of the modern world. When Ford Motor Company started mass production of cars, it changed the face of transportation forever. The complexity of cars has a come a long way from the early 20th century. Today cars are so commonplace that most of us hardly notice them. However, they have a fascinating past and have had a great impact on the world.

  1. How Cars Work by Tom Newton: As the name suggests, this book explains the basic of auto mechanics. It is a great book for beginners who know little to nothing about how vehicles operate. Over seven chapters, complete with illustrations and quizzes, it goes over the essential systems of a car.
  2. The Art of the Automobile: The 100 Greatest Cars byDennis Adler: Dennis Adler is an award winning automotive historian and in this book, he takes the reader through the history of cars from their invention to present day. With the use of more than 200 photographs, he highlights the most revolutionary vehicles in the industry and gives perspective on their impact on the motoring world.
  3. Car Mania: A Critical History of Transport by Winfried Wolf: Not all the effects of cars on society have been positive. There have been growing concerns about the environmental impacts of the use of cars and this book provides a critical perspective on this important issue.
  4. James Bond Cars by Frederic Brun: James Bond’s cars are a big part of what make him iconic. This book is a celebration of every legendary car that appears alongside the unforgettable spy including those driven by his enemies and the Bond girls. It contains illustrations along with technical information and is a tribute to both James Bond and cars in general.
  5. Car Emblems: The Ultimate Guide to Automotive Logos Worldwide byGiles Chapman: True car aficionados are interested in more than just the mechanics of a car. This illustrated book goes into the details of how car companies select car emblems and their evolution over the years.
  6. The Complete History of Ford Motor Company by Richard M. Langworth: Ford Motors is the oldest and arguably the most important auto company in America. This family business has been full of charismatic, and sometimes controversial, figures. This book presents the reader with all the family clashes and the corporate decisions involved in this century old business.
  7. Art of the Formula 1 Race Car by Stuart Codling, Gordon Murray and James Mann: As an F1 fan will tell you, a race car is a spectacular machine and this book pays homage to it. Through the medium of photographs and technical profiles, the authors pay their respect to these cars, which are a combination of artistic creativity and engineering brilliance.
  8. The Automobile and American Life by John Heitmann: Instead of focusing on the automobile business, this book is the story of the changes in the culture of America. It draws interesting conclusions regarding the effects of mass production of cars on religion, gender, courtship, economy and sex. It discusses the portrayals of cars in popular culture.
  9. Once Upon a Car: The Fall and Resurrection of America’s Big Three Automakers—GM, Ford, and Chrysler by Bill Vlasic: After the 2008 financial crisis, Big Auto was on the brink of collapse. This is the insider story of their fight for survival and includes insights from top executives.
  10. Life is a Highway: A Century of Great Automotive Writing by Darwin Holstrom and Melinda Keefe: An anthology of some of the greatest musings on topics related to automobiles by authors like Jack Kerouac, Stephen King, Peter Egan, Rowan Atkinson, P.J. O’Rourke and many others.

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