Books About Cancer

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Cancer is a disease characterized by rapid and abnormal generation of tissue cells. The human body is made up of trillions of cells. Cells in the human body differ according to their function. For example, blood cells are uniquely specialized to absorbing oxygen and fighting disease causing micro-organisms, the case is different for muscle cells which are uniquely formed to produce energy.

Naturally, cells divide and forms new cells as the body needs them. Cells grow old, they wear out and die, the new cells take their place. Cancer develops when this orderly process breaks down. Abnormal and unspecialized cells develop while old and damaged cells live on when they should die. The unwanted cells continue to multiply without stopping hence forming tumors.

Now this is just the basic knowledge about cancer. There is a whole lot more to learn about this disease. Things like what causes cancer, cancer treatment, how to care for cancer patients et cetera. This knowledge can be found in books. The following are books that have been endorsed by the American Cancer Association.

Books about Cancer

  • NANA, WHAT IS CANCER: Written by Beverly Hyman Fead and Tessa Mae Hemermesh. This is a children’s book explaining all the hard facts about cancer in a friendly and humorous tone. It is an honest, and kid-friendly conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter. It equips parents with knowledge on how to talk to curious children about cancer.
  • WHAT’S UP WITH TIFFANY’S DAD? Its written by Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair and Shawn deLoache. It is a graphic novel with superhuman characters who live in Mediland, a planet shaped like the human body. Using their super knowledge, the superheroes take kids through Mediland explaining the intricacies of melanoma.

There are also a list of other graphic novels by Dr. Kin Chilman-Blair exploring other kinds of cancer. Which include: WHAT’S UP WITH LYNDON, Which explains osteosarcoma; WHAT’S UP WITH BRIDGETTES MOM, which explains breast cancer; WHAT’S UP WITH RICHARD, which explains leukemia and; WHAT’S UP WITH JO, which explains brain tumors. The graphic novels are also available in spanish.

  • Quick facts Series, books From the experts at the American cancer society. These are books explaining the different types of cancer. A single book would explain a certain type of cancer all the way to the nitty gritty. The books are written by Cancer experts at the American cancer society. They offer sound evidence based and up-to-date information about cancer. They very informative books that will enlighten your knowledge about cancer.

Books about care for cancer patients.

  • CANCER CAREGIVING A-TO-Z. It’s a book from the American Cancer Society. It is addresses to caregivers with the intention to alleviate stress that comes with this demanding role. It offers details about the different situations that may arise and advice on how to deal with symptoms and warning signs.
  • COUPLES CONFRONTING CANCER by Joy L. Fincannon, RN, MS and Katherine V. Bruss, PsyD

The book confronts the strain that relationships go through when a spouse is diagnosed with cancer. It offers life experiences of other couples that have dealt with cancer and how they got over it. The book gives information about problems cancer causes in relationships and how solve and even prevent them.


This is a record of a cancer survivor. She goes into details of her experience from the moment she was diagnosed with cancer, through her treatment and back to being healthy. The book is deeply intimate and can help fortify your strength even in moments of utter despair. It is highly recommended by the Medical Library Association and has won quite a number of awards.

Knowledge is a tool that could empower you significantly. Whether its knowledge about a particular cancer, knowledge of how to take care of yourself or a cancer patient or even the knowledge that you are not alone, adds significant value to your life. There are so many other books out there. And the sooner you start reading the more value you add to yourself.

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