Books About Bookstores

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How many of us have seriously thought about shopping for books at bookstores but found that at times finding the right book took us on a wild goose chase? We never complain or swear under our breath that we never found the desired book because we never did our homework, i.e., we didn’t bother to do our research to know where that book could be found! Therefore, no frets and the search continue. Thanks to the internet, a lot of information on books at bookstores can be accessed using Google search, which brings us to the question; can books compete with the internet? Imagine running into a bookstore with a copy of a book on bookstores with you. Would you find the book that you wanted from the database of books available there? I doubt it! So, what is the purpose of having a book on bookstores?

The Internet vs. Books about Bookstores

Book lovers aren’t worried about spending time leisurely browsing through book contents. They are a different kettle of fish to the contemporary urban socialite who has little or no time to spend searching for details. For them; it’s a question of how long do they need to spend looking for details. When an avid reader takes a book on bookstores, he or she doesn’t mind the time spent on searching page-after-page for the correct detail. Such books on bookstores provide the reader with so much detail that it would outrun the details available on online bookstores search. True, online search does help book lovers and buyers to scroll through pages to know details such as new arrivals, books currently available, price, and a brief description about the content and author of the book. has made buying books as easy as clicking a button, however, does it allow a book lover the privilege of touching and feeling the book before buying it? Online stores, no doubt, have made shopping easy, but the experience of shopping is lost in the midst of the mad conundrum of modern lifestyle. The introduction of Kindle books has surpassed the expectations of many and a large number of people use their spare time reading books available on their tab or mobile phones. Some books come free-of-cost while others are charged and are available only for a fixed duration. This is not the case with books. Books remain a prized possession of the reader and once read, goes directly into his or her book collection. Therefore, possessing a book is definitely better than reading online.

About Books on Bookstores

On contemplating the advantages online stores have over conventional shopping; do books on bookstores serve any purpose? It would be harbouring on the lines of idiosyncrasy to answer this without taking a closer look at what books on bookstores offer. Does online shopping give a customer the true experience of shopping physically, or for that matter, allow customers to scroll through different books available there without any additional effort? Books about bookstores allow their customers to know bookstores better. They provide information on their stocks, provide more information on books that customers could use to plan their purchases, and describe similar books that are available from other publishers. Books about bookstores are more descriptive and will remain a reliable search guide for future purchases. In short, books about bookstores can be used as an encyclopedia for future reference. They offer much more names of bookstores available in the city and neighbourhood, which not many websites offer. Books about bookstores are definitely worth buying; especially if you are a book lover.

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