Books About Autism

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Introduction: Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder characterized by difficulty in social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and repetitive behavior. The signs of autism are detected at birth.
Quite a lot of authors have written about this disorder, some who have had the disease and some who have dealt with people who have had the disease.

Some popular reads are:

1. The Reason I Jump: by Naoki Higashinga : Originally written in Japanese and translated by David Mitchell, this book was written by the author when he was thirteen. The book reveals the author’s experience as autistic from the age of five and how he had to use a computer keyboard or Japanese grid to communicate.

2. Look Me In The Eye: by John Elder Robinson: This book is about the author’s life as an asperger syndrome patient. He talks about his difficulties growing up in the nineteen sixties when the asperger syndrome had not been diagnosed as an illness in the United States. He also talks about how he fit in with society without knowing he was different from the other boys his age. He had a complicated life with his abusive father and crazy mother.

3. Thinking In Pictures: by Temple Grandin: The fact that all humans think differently is the main focus of this book. The author is a talented and successful animal scientist; however, she is also autistic. She gives us an insight into autism and the difficulties that an autistic person deals with.

4. Autism: by Uta Frith: Through this book the author gives us the psychological makeup of autistic people and how their minds function. It talks about the obstacles that autistic people face in society and how people around them find it tough to adjust to their behavior patterns. A must read for psychologists and parents who have a child with autism.

5. Ten Things Every Child with Autism Needs to Know: by Ellen Notbohm: A guide for every parent, teacher, social worker, therapist and physician must carry with them in their day to day work. With a little humor and empathy, the book elaborates and emphasizes on ten distinctive aspects that shed light children with autism.

6. Different Like Me: by Jennifer Elder: The book introduces children between eight and twelve years of age to famous and encouraging figures from the world of science, math, art, literature, philosophy and comedy. Eight-year-old Quinn with asperger’s syndrome tells us about the achievements of autistic heroes like Albert Einstein, Dian Fossey, Wassily Kandinsky, Lewis Carroll, to name a few.

7. Ian’s Walk: A Story About Autism: by Laurie Lears: It’s one thing for a parent to deal with an autistic son or daughter, but it’s harder for a sibling to come to terms with it. This is a heartwarming story of Ian, whose sisters are irritated at his behavior and don’t seem to understand him until he walks out on them.

8. My Friend with Autism: by Beverly Bishop: Written for children to help them understand kids with autism. A child friendly approach to the difficulties faced by the patient and his or her classmates. They are just like other kids but just a little different in some ways.

9. Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the world of Autism: by Donna Williams: A sequel to Nobody Nowhere, this book gives readers a detailed look at autism, its different types, patterns and behavior. The author shares her experience right from her diagnosis to her attempts to leave her world crystal clear.

10. The Autistic Spectrum: by Lorna Wing: Children with autism face challenges but are not helpless if their disorder is understood. A guide for parents and professionals.

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