Books About Angels

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Introduction: An angel is generally considered to be a spiritual being who acts as an attendant, an agent or a messenger of God. Angels are usually depicted in human form with wings and long, flowing robes.
Various books have been written on angels in their various forms.

1. The Eighth Dragon by Jason M Daniel: This book is a distinctive blend of the artistic interpretation of historical mythology and religion and the dystopian world of science fiction. This book draws the reader into the eternal conflict between good and evil, where the world is obsessed with death and destruction—a world of fallen angels, dragons and deadly foes.

2. Gaia:The Wings of War: by Karen Ann Hopkins: Watchers and Angels are at war. Which side will Ember choose to be on? The demons are getting bolder and the walls of existence are weakening. Will Ember be able to develop her powers and look out for a powerful watcher on Earth?

3. Angel Eclipsed: by C.L Coffey:
Can Angel keep her charge and New Orleans safe from the evil that’s on the prowl, or will her own evil spirit be the cause of their downfall?

4.Archangels Enigma: by Nalini Singh: Naasir is the most untamed of the powerful group of vampires and angels, known as the Seven. A plot is hatched to kill the Archangel of Persia and Naasir has been chosen to find the Archangel of Persia.

5. Her Sinful Angel: by Felicity Heaton:
Cast out of heaven for the sin of arrogance and now the king of hell, Lucifer is now the angel combatant, with a cold heart and a black soul. He has ruled with an iron fist, and now plots to eliminate his ancient enemies.

6.Angels in my Hair:by Lorna Byrne: An engrossing read about the author’s encounters and conversations with angels she has known all her life. She describes growing up in Dublin and marrying the man of her dreams, only for her life to be demolished by tragedy. This book gives us many examples of the help she receives from the angels.

7. Angels in the Dark: by Lauren Kate: Seventeen -year -old Lucinda falls in love with the handsome and intelligent Daniel at her new school. She later learns that Daniel is a fallen angel and that they have spent their lives finding and losing each other as good and evil forces contrive to keep them apart.

8. A Book of Angels by Sophy Burnham: This book is based on the author’s life experiences and occurrences that she considers to be magical, mysterious and beyond belief.

9. Daily Guidance from your Angels: by Doreen Virtue: This book focuses on the importance of communicating with angels and offers reassuring and elevating messages to set a positive and healing attitude for the day. Doreen has written a series under this title.

10. Book Of Angels: by Sylvia Browne: Poetry, music, literature and art flourish with an inspirational portrayal of angels. Do angels really exist? Can we call upon them when we need their help?

11. Angels Everywhere: by Debbie Macomber: This New York Times bestselling book brings readers a new and much awaited angel story every month. Shirley, Goodness and Mercyare matchmaking angels heaping confusion on an innocent couple. A combination of comedy and fantasy,with a generous dose of joy, those Christmas Angels make the perfect holiday gift.

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