Books About Abuse

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Abuse is any act of cruelty and can happen to anyone. But in most cases, it happens to women and children. This is because women and children are more vulnerable. Perpetrators of abuse are usually loved ones. And it’s even worse when the perpetrators are not aware that they are hurting them.

Books about abuse are not only just for entertainment, but they also offer priceless advice on how to deal with abuse. They offer comfort in knowing that you are not alone and that you can also rise above the damage caused to have a life of your own. Some of the best books about abuse are listed below.

1. Abused Boys: The Neglected Victims of Sexual Abuse by Mic Hunter
Mic Hunter is a psychologist with long experience in counseling sexually abused boys. In this book, he exposes the fact that boys are also sexually abused and that the consequences are just as serious as they are with girls. He expounds on the physical and psychological trauma that an abused boy goes through. He uses personal case histories of victims and their families to get the point across. This book is well researched and well explained.

2. Wounded Boys Heroic Men by Dr. Daniel Jay Sonkin
This book by Dr. Sonkin is a road map for transformation. It is written specifically for men who have suffered any kind of abuse in the past that is taking its toll on them now. In this book, Dr. Sonkin paves the way to recovery by offering direction and reassurance. He includes real stories of real survivors to add weight to his methods.

The book is enlightening not just to the abused but also to the people around them. It offers a guide to help partners, friends, and family to better understand the struggles of the abused so that they can help them heal.

3. Damaged by Cathy Glass
Damaged is the author’s memoir of her experience with a foster child named Jodie. In her narration, Cathy talks about Jodie’s troubled past; her aggressive behavior had seen her go through four foster homes in a period of four months. Cathy goes on to talk about Jodie’s aggressive behavior in detail. Then she explains how she won Jodie’s trust and finally the transformation that Jodie went through.

The story is emotional with very vivid scenarios. It is a good read and also a lesson on how to treat a troubled child. Cathy’s story is one that should be told over and over again.

4. A Child Called It by David Pelzer
In this book, David Pelzer talks about his personal experience in the hands of his abusive mother. He talks about how his mother burned him with a kitchen stove, how she made him drink ammonia, starved him, and even stabbed him in the stomach. He goes into detail about how his drunk mother abused him over and over.

In his second book, The Lost Boy: A Foster Child’s Search for the Love of a Family, he talks about his teenage years and how his abusive childhood affected him.

The third book of the trilogy is A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness. This is the book where he writes about how he matured as a man and found peace in forgiving his abusive mother.

The David Pelzer trilogy is eye-opening, especially for people struggling with the repercussions of an abusive childhood. The books are written in a language that is easy to understand with very lucid explanations.

5. Outgrowing the Pain by Eliana Gill
People will hurt you, and sometimes it is the people you love who hurt you the most. This book is for people in a relationship with partners who had an abusive childhood. The author of this book is a psychologist with experience in counseling couples where one of the two was abused as a child. The book offers a logical and practical method through which couples in such situations can work through the troubles caused by a troubled childhood.

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