What is Xvid?

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What is Xvid?
Xvid is the second generation compression algorithm after MPEG-4. It was formerly known as XviD. It uses Advanced Simple Profile technique to compress the video. It has the features such as H.263 compression, Lumi Masking, B-Frames etc. Xvid is the antagonist for DivX Pro Codec. Xvid is distributed under GNU General Public License and is free software. Xvid is available in all platforms. Many Patented technologies are used by Xvid.

Xvid is generally a Zip / Rar for videos, but Xvid is not a lossless compression technique. So it’s not possible to produce identical source after decompression. Even if no one can percept it visually. Xvid eliminates the information that is not valuable for human perception.

Xvid has an award winning picture quality compared to other expensive video codecs available in the market. It also takes less time to compress and decompress the video data.

As Xvid is licensed under GNU GPL, source code is publicly available and anyone can make modifications to the codec. The compiled codec can be redistributed under GPL license.

Xvid is spy-ware free ad-ware free software. Everyone can check the source code to see if it contains malicious codes. Xvid can be installed in PC or laptop and it can be ported in all kinds of hardware devices like DVD player, CD player, video recorders, digital camcorders, mobile phones etc.

Many different compression techniques and coding tools are defied by MPEG-4 standard. Xvid also supports much of the techniques and coding tools. Xvid is available in different profiles. Based on the requirement it can be downloaded from the web and installed on your PC, Laptop and Mobile phone. Some of the profiles are Xvid mobile, Xvid portable, Xvid home, Xvid highdef. Xvid Mobile profile compresses the video with very high compression ratio.

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